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I’ve Got A Better Price

    “I’ve got a better price.”
    “I’ve got your price beat.”

    If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times from your customers. It often seems like everyone who walks on to your lot has found a better price somewhere else.

    What do you do?Where does this magical (often mythical) better price come from?

    At this point in the sale, you do not know if your buyer is lying to you. You don’t know how other dealerships present their numbers.

    So, what do you do? How do you handle the situation?

    How you respond is everything.

    It determines if you move the sale forward or if you kill the deal.

    This is why your training is so important…use your training…use the Re-Sell/Re-Ask step in our Five Steps of Negotiation. It will refocus your buyer’s attention on the car they want to buy. From you. Today.

    Watch today’s video for more tips on how to handle a customer telling you they have a better price from somewhere else.

    Good Selling!

    Working Numbers On Two Cars

      What usually happens when you work numbers on two
      different cars with the same buyer?

      Your buyer usually “has to think about it“.

      Why is that?

      It is usually because your buyer is not committed to either car.
      It is because you did not secure a today commitment
      during your 4 step Trial Close.

      During Sale Two, Sell the Car, compare both cars. Comparing
      the cars side-by-side gets your buyer to make a choice and a commitment.

      You need to do this before presenting numbers during Sale Three, Sell the Deal.

      Avoiding Winter Slowdown

        How do you, and your sales totals, survive and even thrive this time of year?

        I’ll tell you how. Action. Action causes action.

        Be careful what you say and think to yourself.
        It will drive your actions and, ultimately, your results.

        I’m sure you’ve heard it before…

        You cannot sell cars during the holidays.
        November, December, and January will be your slowest months.

        Guess what, that is absolutely not true.

        Your sales are up to you.
        Your sales totals, your monthly income is determined by your actions.
        Do not just sit around and wait for things to happen.

        Salespeople: If customers are not walking on to your lot, take action to make sales happen. Grab the list of your last 90 days of ups and opportunities. Grab your list of expiring leases. Make calls. Schedule appointments. Look for repeats and referrals.

        Managers: Your store totals are the accumulation of all of your salespeople. If every salesperson is concerned about doing the right things to make a living every month, your store will have a great month. Coach, lead, and inspire your team to take action.

        No matter what the market conditions, you are the master of your results. Watch the video below and avoid the thinking that sales are slow during the holiday season.

        Make the winter months your best months.

        Good Selling!

        Sell 5-12 More Cars A Month

          All you need is this one simple shift.

          And the simple shift is in your thinking.

          “How many calls (or texts or emails) should I make every day?”

          I get this question all of the time. But this is not the best question to ask.

          Here’s the key:
          Don’t think about how many calls you need to make.
          Think about why you are making the calls.

          What are the results you want to achieve? If your goal is to schedule one future appointment each day (and this should be your minimum goal), then the answer to the question of “how many calls should I make” is however many it takes.

          If you schedule one future appointment a day, you
          will sell 5 – 12 more cars
          every month.

          Think about what that
          will do for your paycheck.

          This shift in your thinking is the difference in being task-oriented or results-oriented.

          The task is the call. The result is why you are making the call. So, why are you making the call?
          Are you making the call to check off an item on your to-do list? Because someone, somewhere told you to make X number of calls a day? If you remain focused on the task, you will never achieve the result.

          If your goal is focused on the result, if your goal is to set one future appointment a day, you will schedule 22 appointments a month. This will result in selling 5-12 more cars each month.

          So, don’t think about how many calls you need to make.
          Think about why you are making the calls.

          Every day seek to hit your desired result.

          Do whatever it takes to get it done.

          Salespeople, Get Control of Your Buyers using Rigid Flexibility

            And learn the one thing you should
            NEVER do during the sale.

            Selling is about connecting, leading, and closing.

            Sometimes buyer’s questions or actions derail your sales process. To keep your buyers moving forward and to get the sale back on track, use rigid flexibility.

            Rigid flexibility allows you to be flexible about the order you proceed through the sales process but rigid with sticking to your proven process.

            Watch this video.

            You will learn how to maintain control of the sale, and the one thing you should never
            (ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever)
            do during your sales process.

            If you want to close the deal and make the sale, you have to connect with your buyers. You have to lead your buyers through the sales process and have confidence in your process.

            When you tell your buyer to follow you, they will follow you.

            Sell More Cars With The Perfect Exploration

              How do you sell more cars with the perfect exploration?

              What’s an exploration?

              How is it different from a walk around?

              Sell More Cars With The Perfect Exploration

              We all know how to do the basic 6 point walk around. It’s car sales 101, right? You walk around the car with your buyers and point out the car’s features and benefits.

              So, how do you turn this basic walk around into a Perfect Exploration and use it to
              sell more cars?

              You make it personal.

              To your buyers, this car you are walking around is personal.
              It’s their livelihood. It’s their lifestyle.

              When your customers tell you something personal, kick that door wide open.

              Turn every feature, every benefit of the car into a personal benefit, a personal feature for your buyers. When your customers tell you something personal, kick that door wide open. They want you to show interest. They want you to ask questions. They want you to listen to their answers.

              So, ask questions. Listen to the answers. Understand your buyer. Learn who your buyer is, what they want, and why
              they want it.

              Take what you learn about your buyer
              and what you know about the car.

              Successfully combine these
              two and you have the
              Perfect Exploration.

              Make the car’s features personal to your buyers during the perfect exploration and you will sell more cars.

              “Sell” is NOT a four letter word!

                "He could sell ice to an Eskimo"

                "Sold a bill of goods"

                “He’s like a used car salesman"


                These common phrases reflect many people’s view of salesmanship. They reflect dishonesty or being taken advantage of.

                The idioms of the word "sell" prevail in our culture; so much so, that manufactures and even some dealers think eliminating sales people will boost their business.

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                Talent vs. Skill: the truth behind today’s shrinking gross P.V.R.

                  “The separation of talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel…Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.” – Will Smith

                  Today’s low gross P.V.R. is not market driven, its skill driven.

                  There has always been fierce dealership competition; and yes, some consumer Internet tools limit gross on some deals. When I started selling, cars misinformation or lack of information had the same effect. Fortunately,  most shoppers today do not believe we pay $3000 for the $7990 new escorts like they did in 1986!

                  Unfortunately, most talented Sales Consultants and Managers have never been trained to build desire and value or to close for both maximum closing % and gross P.V.R.
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