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Read an Owner’s Manual

Master salespeople are product experts.

Reading the owner’s manuals for the brands you sell puts you on the path to becoming a product expert.

Just by reading the manual, you will learn so much that you might not know.

Why is this important?

Master salespeople are product experts. There are so many tips you will learn in the owner’s manual that you can use during your Vehicle Exploration.

The more you know, the more you have in your toolkit to lay out the car’s personal benefits for your buyers.

Go through the owner’s manual this week. Let us know something you learned that will be a benefit to you as you go through your Sales Process with your buyers.

Becoming a product expert turns into higher closing percentages, more profit per car, and more satisfied customers.

Good Selling!

PS: At ASC, our mission is to inspire you to become a student of excellence. As a student of excellence, you take responsibility for your attitude, knowledge, skills, actions, and results. If we can help you on your path to excellence, let us know. You can email or comment on Facebook in the link above.

Know Your Referral Program & Sell It

Do you know how to create Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers?
One of the best ways is through your dealership’s referral program.

A referral program tells your buyers:
I would appreciate you going out of your way to tell people about me and send them to me. If they come in and buy a car from me, I will do this for you.

Steps to use your referral program to increase your sales:

  1. Find out your dealership’s referral program and know how it works.
  2. If your dealership doesn’t have a referral program, put one together yourself, and tell everyone (including your service department) about it.
  3. Figure out how you will implement the referral program with every buyer.
  4. Make it easy for your buyer.
    Give them business cards at delivery, remind them of the program
    during your follow up calls, send them an email.
  5. Pay your referral program. Follow through on what you say you are going to do.
  6. Call people who send you a referral even when you don’t sell the car. Still follow up.

You want to be a benefit to others. People want to be a benefit to you. People love reciprocity, they love when you show appreciation.

If you want to build your bank of Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers, this is one of the easiest, most proactive ways to do it.

You have to make the decision.
You have to take consistent action to make it happen.

Good Selling!

The Value in Real Trade Value

Do you struggle to get your buyers to understand Real Trade Value?

Real Trade Value helps you explain your numbers in a way that makes logical sense to the buyer. It is a way for buyers to understand the discounts you have already given them (even before they walked onto your lot).

So, how can you get your buyers to understand the Real Trade Value?

Watch today’s video and find out.

Pro Tip: When you talk about repairs and other issues with your buyer’s trade, you don’t have to be specific. Let your buyer know your dealership spends $.02 – $.04 per mile (based on what is on their odometer)before you can sell the car. And that is money your buyer doesn’t have to spend.

Remember: Your buyer wants to say “yes”. Real Trade Value, as part of your ReSell/ReAsk step, gives buyers a logical reason to say “I’ll take it”.

Good Selling!

P / PC Balance

Understanding P/PC balance will help you maximize your results.

What does this mean?

P = Production (sales)

PC = Production Capacity

Your sales, your production, can never exceed your production capacity.

If you want to increase your sales and your results, you have to first increase your production capacity.

How do you do this?

The #1 key to capacity is competence.

Does your team know:

  • What to do?
  • Why to do it?
  • How to do it well?
  • Can they do it?
  • Are they doing it?

Capacity is built on the competence of your team.

Another powerful part of capacity is process.

Are your processes thoughtful and consistent?

Do you want to get better results? Of course you do.

There’s only one way to produce better results – get better.

To do things better means taking a look at your PC, Production Capacity.
Make sure your team has the competence and make sure you have thoughtful, consistent processes.

Good Selling!

Ask Buyers to Buy

Ask them to buy.

Yes, that’s it. That is today’s Sales Tip. Ask your buyers to buy the car.
Buyers will never take the pen out of your hand.

Buyers need reassurance. When you positively, comfortably, confidently ask them to go ahead with the purchase, you’re reassuring your buyer they are doing the right thing – that it’s ok.

Now here’s the real tip:
You have to do it right.
You have to know when and how to ask your buyers to buy.

That is why the Sales Processes in the Excellence Roadmap is so
wickedly effective – it works.

It walks you through the entire process; it’s your map to get your buyers to buy. It gives your buyers the comfortable confidence to make a commitment to buy the car (from you, today) before you talk price or payment.

Today’s Sales Tip video gives you an overview of what you need to do to get the
today commitment from your buyers so you can easily ask them to buy.

The Excellence Roadmap gives you the most powerful, comfortable plan on asking 100% of your buyers that drive a car to buy from you today.

Good Selling!

Is The Internet Buyer Really Any Different?

Do you sometimes forget the word “buyer” in “internet buyer”?

How different are they?

Internet buyers, like all buyers, have the same 3 fears.
They fear:
– buying the wrong car
– paying too much
– being pressured or hassled

Internet buyers actually help you. They spend a great deal of time doing your job. They do the research and, often, sell themselves on the car before walking
on to your lot.

Treat internet buyers the same way you treat all buyers – use your Sales Process.

To get any buyer feeling comfortable saying “yes” to buying from you today:

  • Build relationship and trust by showing interest in them
  • Build value and desire in the car
  • Get them committed before working numbers

The internet buyer is just like all of your other buyers.
Follow you Sales Process and you’ll turn them into
Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers.

Good Selling!

Customer Satisfaction Scores


Your CEI / CSI scores are extremely important to your dealership. It impacts how
your manufacturers incentivize the dealership.

However, these scores rarely give a true picture of your buyer’s satisfaction.

The true measure of buyer satisfaction is through their repeat and referral business. Your true buyer satisfaction level shows when they become an Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customer (ELLC). You build ELLCs through your Sales Process.

But, your CEI/CSI scores are also important. It is up to you to score well.

Tips to improve your CEI/CSI scores:

  1. The more surveys you have returned, the higher your score.
    How do you get buyers to return surveys?
    You ask your buyer to do it.
  2. Explain the scoring system to every buyer.
    Buyers need to know only a 10 is a 10.

Pro Tip:

Show buyers a laminated copy of the survey. Let them know it is very important to fill out and return. Explain to buyers that only a 10 is a passing score. Let them know that your manufacturer views everything else as a failing score.

Ask your buyer if there is any place on the survey they are not comfortable
giving you a 10. If the answer is “yes”, ask what you can do,
what you can correct, to make it a 10.

How can people give you the right score is they don’t know what the right score is?

Good Selling!

Set Goals To Win

Goals are important. You have to have a target to hit.

And, goals are, for the most part, arbitrary. You define them.

So, how do you set goals to win?

You first need to define your goals.
– What are your goals for the year?
– What are your goals for the month?

However, annual and monthly goal setting is probably not as effective as it
could be. Why? Because you need to adjust your goals based on how you are doing throughout the month. Just focusing on monthly goals can cause you to commit the sin of aiming too low.

Always aim high and miss.
Never aim too low and hit.

To be of value, goal setting must be constantly pursued and measured. To make goal-setting more valuable, set long-term goals and then break them down into smaller components (weekly and daily goals).

How do you apply this to your daily sales career?
How do you break down your monthly goals into actions and measurable results?

You come into work to sell a car. You work 5 days a week.
How many cars do you want to sell in a week? 5 cars a week.
How many cars do you want to sell each day? 1 car a day
(If you don’t sell a car today, you better plant the seed for tomorrow.)

When you set goals, you have to track them.
You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Pro Tip: Get a monthly calendar.
Every day, track these 3 metrics:

  1. How many face-to-face guests.
  2. How many units sold.
  3. How many future appointments set.

Your ultimate goal should be to work with excellence with every opportunity.
That is the highest goal you can set.

Good Selling!

Love The One You’re With

Focus. Attention. Good Questions. Active Listening.

A lot of times when you are with your buyer, you’re thinking about your next buyer, your next appointment, your next customer.

A lot of times you are not fully engaged with the person in front of you.

Remember: What is in your mind will be in your buyer’s mind.

Your buyer will feel and know that you are not fully engaged –
that you are not fully with them.

GIve the guest you are with your full, undivided attention.

Give them your maximum effort.

Every buyer deserves your excellence.

Good Selling!

More Connected, More Alone

We are more connected than ever.
We see more of the world than ever.

Just look around. People are communicating constantly.

And…We are more alone than ever.

So, how is this a Sales Tip?

When your buyer comes in, they’re in search of what everyone is in search of…
love, connection, to be known
Your buyers need to be known. They want you to know them, know their life.
They want to be heard.

Tip: This is why Active Listening and the Understand Goals Step are so
very important in your Sales Process.

When you show interest in your buyer, it helps them feel known
(which is a form of love).

When you show interest in your buyer, it helps build the relationship and trust necessary to guide them comfortably through the Sales Process and to close
your deal profitably.

Good Selling!

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