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Overcoming Objections in the Trial Close

    What is the difference between an objection and a condition?

    Objection – Any reason for not moving forward with the deal
    (usually a fear that can be overcome).

    Condition – Something that is absolutely required to move the deal forward.

    The Trial Close, in your Excellence Roadmap training, is also called the Velvet Hammer. It is an incredibly simple and comfortable way to overcome any objections your buyer might have. It helps you overcome your buyer’s fears and gets them comfortable saying “yes” to buying the car. From you. Today.

    There are 3 types of objections: price, product, and postponement.

    When a customer has a postponement objection.
    For example, “I have to check with my bank first“,
    do NOT make the mistake of trying to sell your financing right then and there.

    It’s an easy mistake to make, but don’t do it!

    Make the objection the close.
    If the bank gives you the check, is this the car you definitely want?

    The Trial Close gets buyers to commit to buy. You can sell them on your financing
    AFTER you find out if it’s the car they want (pending financing).

    The Trial Close is about getting a commitment on the car.
    Get the commitment, then bring your customer inside.

    Always game plan with your management team on how to handle
    and overcome specific objections.

    Good Selling!

    Buying A Car Is About Compromise

      Let’s be honest. Buying anything is about compromise.

      So, how do you get your buyers to compromise?

      Most people, your customers included, are looking for the whole package. So, how do you get buyers to justify modifying or changing their criteria when the car on your lot only meets most of the items on their mental checklist?

      You have to know your buyer. You have to know:

      • What they want.
      • Why they want it.
      • Who they are.

      Tip: This is why mastering the Understand Goals step of your Excellence Roadmap training is so important.

      When you master the Understand Goals step, you get to know your buyer. This gives you the opportunity to find something on the lot they can drive home today.

      Good Selling!

      Build Teamwork With Your Service and Support Staff

        Relationships are built on positive deposits.

        Be intentional about making positive deposits in your account. Then when something negative happens, you can make a withdrawal without damaging your relationship.

        But if there is nothing in your account, there is nothing to withdraw.

        How well do you know your support and service teams?

        Do not make the mistake of only going back to see service and support when there is a problem. That is bad for the relationship.

        Make it a habit to visit with all the teams in your dealership.

        Thank them for what they do for you.

        Good Selling!

        Always Have the Car You’re Working #s on Pulled Up

          If you’re working numbers with a buyer, always have that car
          pulled up front in the Trial Close area.

          Pulling the car up signifies what?
          I’ve got a deal.

          There’s so much power in having the car pulled up front. If your customer changes colors or option packages after the Test Drive, make sure the correct car is pulled up to the Trial Close before you work numbers.

          Note: Managers, make sure your sales consultants do this even if you are working numbers over the phone. The car has to be marked “sold“. This way, no one can drive or buy this car.

          Benefits for you:

          1. It keeps you from having the wrong VIN and having incorrect paperwork.
          2. It keeps you from filling out the paperwork correctly only to find out the car
            is no longer there.
          3. It eliminates confusion. You are working numbers. Someone else drives the car.
            Now, who gets the car?

          These are all problems that can be avoided with one step…

          Make sure the car you are working numbers on is pulled up in the Trial Close
          area BEFORE working numbers.

          Good Selling!

          Customers Are Everywhere

            Turn service customers into your customers.

            How do you turn a service customer into a sales lead?
            Start with a good welcome question:
            “How are you doing today?”

            Keep asking good questions:
            “What kind of car do you have?”
            “What service is being done?”
            “How do you like your current vehicle?”

            Then actively listen to their answers.

            Pro Tip: Never ask “Can I help you?”or “Do you need anything?”
            Your potential customer will probably respond with “I’m fine.” or “I’m just here for service.”

            Your good welcome question puts the focus on them (not on what they want).

            Starting a comfortable conversation by asking good questions
            and actively listening generates leads.

            The deals you need are all around you.

            Slow down. Connect. Your opportunity will open.

            Good Selling!

            Why Do We Name The Steps Of The Sale?

              You’re a professional.
              It’s important for you to understand the job you have been given to do.

              So why did I name the steps of the sale? I named the steps of the sale for the same reason that streets have names.

              Names allow you to easily go from A to Z. Names allow you to effortlessly go from where you are to where you want to go. Names allow your whole team to be on the same page, to speak the same language.

              Know the names of each of the 4 sales.
              Know the names of each of the 12 steps in the sales process.
              Know the names of each part of each step.

              Knowing the names gives you a competitive advantage.
              Now it’s up to you to use it and apply it.

              Learn what you need to know to work with excellence every day.

              Good Selling!

              Personalize Your Workspace

                What is one of the easiest ways to build
                relationship and rapport with your buyers?

                Personalize your workspace.

                Why does this work?

                When customers see pictures of your kids or your pets, they often ask you
                questions about them. When your customers ask you questions,
                what they are really saying is:
                I have kids/pets too. Ask me about them.

                What buyers are really trying to do is tell you about themselves (by asking about you).

                This helps you build relationship and rapport with your buyers. You build that comfort zone that helps your buyers feel more comfortable as you guide them through the Sales Process.

                What are you doing to help your buyers reach out to you and establish that relationship?

                What are you doing to help your customers feel comfortable
                and know you are a person just like them?

                What are you doing to become the person they go to whenever they need
                a car or they need help with their car?

                Good Selling!

                Holding Cars

                  Should you hold a car for a customer?

                  The short answer is no.

                  Holding a car is giving your customer the chance to shop around. Holding a car is not gaining a commitment from your customer to buy the car. Taking a check is the same thing. That check is actually meaningless.

                  What should you do instead?

                  Use your Today Trial Close to get a commitment to buy from your customer.

                  Take deposits when your customer cannot be there to pick up the car. Do not take holds thinking it is giving you some kind of commitment.

                  A hold is not a commitment at all.

                  Good Selling!

                  *Make sure you know your dealership’s policy on holds and deposits.*

                  Don’t Give Advice, Give Options

                    Why should you always give customers options but never give them advice?

                    Sometimes salespeople feel compelled to give their customers advice.
                    Guess what?
                    Giving advice can cost you deals and money.


                    When you give advice, you eliminate options.
                    If your customer is not sold on the advice, you make it impossible
                    for them to say “yes” to the thing you told them not to do.

                    Don’t give your customers advice, give them options.

                    Good Selling!

                    Selling to Friends & Family

                      Do you treat your friends and family different than you treat your other buyers?

                      Do you ever wonder why your family and friends go someplace else to buy their cars?

                      It’s because you do treat your friends and family different than you do other customers.

                      It’s easy to do. You already have relationship and trust. It’s easy to go from “Hello” to presenting numbers when a close friend or relative walks onto the lot.

                      Don’t shortchange them. Your friends, your family deserve more.

                      Walk them through the same Sales Process you go through with every buyer. They have the same three fears all buyers have. They need to feel comfortable saying “yes” to the car.

                      Treat your friends and family with the level of respect they deserve
                      and follow your Sales Process.

                      Good Selling!