EMI Saves You Time

Complete a closing EMI with every buyer. It saves time, for both managers and consultants, and makes you more money.

The EMI, Early Manager Introduction, is when a manager goes in right before you work numbers with your buyer. The few minutes a closing EMI takes saves you a ton of time in the long run. It is the opportunity for managers (who got their job because they are star closers) to help you cement your buyer’s commitment to buy the car. From you. Today.

Remember that slow is fast with people. When you slow down and work the proven Sales Process in the Excellence Roadmap, you will close more deals in a way that the buyer is more satisfied and makes you more money.

Today’s Sales Tip video talks more about how and why the closing EMI saves you all time and makes you all more money.

Every deal is similar. Every buyer fears buying the wrong car, paying too much, and being pressured or hassled. The Sales Process in the Excellence Roadmap is specifically designed to overcome your buyer’s fears.

Managers and consultants, make sure the closing EMI happens every time, with every buyer. It solidifies your buyer’s commitment and maximizes your deal.

Good Selling!