Buyer’s 4 Questions

All buyers have four questions. Answer these questions and you will close more deals and make more money.

Buyer’s 4 Questions:

  1. What should I buy?
  2. Where should I buy it?
  3. How much should I pay?
  4. When should I buy it?

If you can help buyers answer these 4 questions, you will have a car deal.

Answering your buyer’s 4 questions starts during the Understanding Goals step in your Sales Process. The Sales Process in the Excellence Roadmap is intentionally designed to answer all 4 questions and help your buyer feel comfortable saying “yes” to buying the car from you today (which, by the way, is what they came to do).

Ask your buyers questions like:

“What got you interested in the (model)?”
“Tell me more about…”

Get buyers talking about how the car fits their lifestyle. This starts to answer the “why” question. As they tell you the story behind the “why”, you can also get your buyers to answer the “when” question.

“What made you decide now to trade/get that upgrade?”

Before your buyer even steps on your lot, they have spent 16-20 hours online researching and usually only go to 1.3 dealerships. You are already a finalist for the “where” to buy.

(For additional training on asking good questions and understanding your buyer’s goals, review Sale One, Sell Yourself in your Excellence Roadmap training.)

Before we close today’s Sales Tip, let’s talk a little bit about the buying feeding frenzy of this summer. The combination of low inventory and pent-up demand from the shut downs in March and April created a huge market explosion. Basically, the “when” question was answered by the market. When this feeding frenzy slows, you will now have to answer the “when” question again. Keep this in mind during the winter months.

Good Selling!