Ben Franklin Close

The Ben Franklin close is a pro and con list.
If the pros outweigh the cons, do it.

For decades, sales consultants and managers have been using this type of close to help decrease buyer’s fears and help them feel comfortable buying the car today. It is a way to visually show your buyers that they are making a great decision, it’s the right car, and they will love it.

This close is a great way to communicate and consult with your buyers. If something is holding your buyer back, take them through the Ben Franklin close so they see that the pros outweigh the cons.

Review the ReSell ReAsk training in the Excellence Roadmap. It is a modified, principle-based Ben Franklin close.

Here is a bonus word track for you to use when your buyer says everything is great, but they just don’t want to make a decision today:

“I get it. I want you to feel comfortable. When you’re ready, I’m ready. But I know you love the car, and you know I’m going to take great care of you. Our service department and our dealership’s reputation is great. We’ve got your back. So, let me ask you this, what would be the downside of saying yes and getting this car today?”

If you ask your buyers for the con in this way, many times they will say there really isn’t a downside, and that may help them feel comfortable going forward.

Use this Ben Franklin close, whether in a physical format or in a modified
principle-based format, to sell more cars and make more money.

Good Selling!