Clerks v. Closers

What is the difference between a clerk and a closer?

One of the key differences is how you respond to your buyer’s questions. You know all buyers have questions. Do you quickly answer the question being asked, or do you use the questions to create conversations with your buyer?

Clerks answer the question.

Closers use the question to create conversation. Once your buyer starts talking, starts telling you their story, you’ll find the ‘in’ to close the deal.

It happens on the lot every day.

Buyers ask: “Do you have…?

Clerks respond: “Oh, we just sold it. No, we don’t have it. We wish we had it, but we’re short of inventory right now.

Closers respond: “That’s awesome. I can totally help you with that. Come on. By the way, I’m (name). You are?

(For additional training on asking good questions and creating conversations, refer to Sale One, Sell Yourself on the Excellence Roadmap.)

Don’t let buyer’s questions throw you into clerk mode. Use their questions to catapult you into closer, or consultant, mode.

When you seek first to understand your buyer…
When you ask questions designed to get your buyers
telling their story (family, work, & play)…
When you get your buyers talking about the lifestyle the car represents…

You are a closer.

Good Selling!