What’s Your Best Price?

“What’s your
best price
on that red one?”

Customers ask questions like this on the lot and on the phone every day. It's almost always asked before they've driven the car, or even know if they're really interested in it.

It’s not technically an objection, but the question comes from fear. It’s designed to put you on the defensive so it’s useful to approach it like an objection.

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One Learns Best by Teaching Others

The more you give, the more you get. Teaching others cements what you have learned and deepens your understanding of it. Cultivate the mentality of abundance by freely sharing your knowledge and skills with other people.

“Sell” is NOT a four letter word!

"He could sell ice to an Eskimo"

"Sold a bill of goods"

“He’s like a used car salesman"


These common phrases reflect many people’s view of salesmanship. They reflect dishonesty or being taken advantage of.

The idioms of the word "sell" prevail in our culture; so much so, that manufactures and even some dealers think eliminating sales people will boost their business.

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Knowledge vs Wisdom

Knowledge is knowing what, why, and how to do something.

Wisdom is doing it.

Take the knowledge you have worked hard to obtain and put it into daily, diligent action.


Invest in Yourself for Excellence

Sometimes it seems as though we have time for everyone but ourselves. David teaches us how investing time in ourselves and taking responsibility for our knowledge, each and every day, produces enormous rewards and benefits.

All Business is Built on Relationships

When you show interest in people, they automatically like you more. Every aspect of your business is based on relationships. Do not miss an opportunity to build relationships.

Today, David talks about making more than just a sale. Make a friend. It is the basis for your repeat and referral business.

Manners to Improve Customer Interactions

Thank you. I appreciate you. These are simple, easy words to say. Say them to your customers, your coworkers, strangers. Notice how good manners improves all of your interactions with others.


Business is Great. People are Terrific. Life is Wonderful.

Attitude is everything. Today, David talks about the importance of attitude in your daily life. Here is your daily mantra: “Business is great. People are terrific. Life is wonderful.” Say this aloud or to yourself every day. Repeat. Three times. Notice the impact this simple practice has on your attitude.

Mandino’s Scroll Ten – I Will Pray for Guidance

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David Lowe discusses The Scroll Marked Ten, I Will Pray For Guidance.

Mandino’s Scroll Nine – I Will Act Now

We continue discussion of the Ten Scrolls from the Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino…

David Lowe discusses The Scroll Marked Nine, I Will Act Now.

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