What is Humility?

What do you think of when you hear the word humility?

So many people think of humility as weakness, as meekness,
as not standing up for yourself.

Humility is actually powerful – with humility comes great power.

Humility means you know you’re really good and you know you’re not yet at your capacity. You’re good and you have the ability to be better.

Humility gives you the ability to consider constructive criticism and use it to figure out what you can do to become even better. It lets you listen and ask better questions.

Humility is strength because it gives us the ability to thoughtfully self-examine. It gives us the desire to be better and to figure out ways to do better.

It’s in humility that we all have the ability to be better today than we were yesterday.

Good Selling!

Clerks v. Closers

What is the difference between a clerk and a closer?

One of the key differences is how you respond to your buyer’s questions. You know all buyers have questions. Do you quickly answer the question being asked, or do you use the questions to create conversations with your buyer?

Clerks answer the question.

Closers use the question to create conversation. Once your buyer starts talking, starts telling you their story, you’ll find the ‘in’ to close the deal.

It happens on the lot every day.

Buyers ask: “Do you have…?

Clerks respond: “Oh, we just sold it. No, we don’t have it. We wish we had it, but we’re short of inventory right now.

Closers respond: “That’s awesome. I can totally help you with that. Come on. By the way, I’m (name). You are?

(For additional training on asking good questions and creating conversations, refer to Sale One, Sell Yourself on the Excellence Roadmap.)

Don’t let buyer’s questions throw you into clerk mode. Use their questions to catapult you into closer, or consultant, mode.

When you seek first to understand your buyer…
When you ask questions designed to get your buyers
telling their story (family, work, & play)…
When you get your buyers talking about the lifestyle the car represents…

You are a closer.

Good Selling!

Feel, Felt, Found

Communication is key in all relationships.

Feel, Felt, Found. This is a technique based on the principle of seeking first to understand before trying to be understood. It is a way to communicate with the people in your life, personally and professionally, inside of that principle. (For additional training on this topic, review the Active Listening and Asking Good Questions sections in the Excellence Roadmap.)

Feel – “I know exactly how you feel. I get it.”

Felt – “In fact, I’ve felt this way before.”

Found – “And here’s what I found out…”

Feel, felt, found helps you communicate your thinking in a way your buyer, or anyone, can respect. No one wants to listen to your opinion – what you’ve found – until they think you’ve heard them, understand how they feel, and can relate to them.

In today’s video, I’m going to use the example of car leasing to explain feel, felt, found. This isn’t just for salespeople or even just for people that work in car dealerships. It’s for everyone.

How can feel, felt, found help you communicate better with the people in your life?

Good Selling!

EMI Saves You Time

Complete a closing EMI with every buyer. It saves time, for both managers and consultants, and makes you more money.

The EMI, Early Manager Introduction, is when a manager goes in right before you work numbers with your buyer. The few minutes a closing EMI takes saves you a ton of time in the long run. It is the opportunity for managers (who got their job because they are star closers) to help you cement your buyer’s commitment to buy the car. From you. Today.

Remember that slow is fast with people. When you slow down and work the proven Sales Process in the Excellence Roadmap, you will close more deals in a way that the buyer is more satisfied and makes you more money.

Today’s Sales Tip video talks more about how and why the closing EMI saves you all time and makes you all more money.

Every deal is similar. Every buyer fears buying the wrong car, paying too much, and being pressured or hassled. The Sales Process in the Excellence Roadmap is specifically designed to overcome your buyer’s fears.

Managers and consultants, make sure the closing EMI happens every time, with every buyer. It solidifies your buyer’s commitment and maximizes your deal.

Good Selling!

What is the Enemy of Excellence?

What do you think is the enemy of excellence?

When I ask this question in my live trainings, most people say things like:
failure, imperfection, inferiority, unimportance.

These are all antonyms for excellence.
They are not the enemy of excellence.

So, what is the enemy of excellence?
The enemy of excellence is:


What? It seems counterintuitive and it’s true.

The real enemy of excellence is prosperity.


When we have a lot it’s easy to lose focus on improving what we do and how we do it. It’s human nature to take success for granted. We work so hard to get there – to learn that new skill set, develop that habit. Once we’re there we tend to coast, to become complacent. And somehow we’re surprised we’re backtracking and no longer where we want to be.

Don’t get me wrong. Prosperity in itself is not bad. Prosperity is awesome. We all want prosperity. We all want to live with abundance.
We all want to be a benefit to others.

Today I want to encourage you to live in times of prosperity with excellence.

Times of prosperity are great times for evaluation – evaluation of your daily habits, your work, your goals, your life.

Let today’s prosperity be the seed of thriving, regardless of what conditions (now & in the future) are like. Constantly strive to become better today than you were yesterday, to be more of a benefit to others.

Ask yourself: Am I becoming the person I want to be?

Don’t just relax and sit there in times of prosperity.
Be satisfied with what you have.
Never be satisfied with who you are.
Constantly strive to improve.

Live with excellence this week.

Good Selling!

Ben Franklin Close

The Ben Franklin close is a pro and con list.
If the pros outweigh the cons, do it.

For decades, sales consultants and managers have been using this type of close to help decrease buyer’s fears and help them feel comfortable buying the car today. It is a way to visually show your buyers that they are making a great decision, it’s the right car, and they will love it.

This close is a great way to communicate and consult with your buyers. If something is holding your buyer back, take them through the Ben Franklin close so they see that the pros outweigh the cons.

Review the ReSell ReAsk training in the Excellence Roadmap. It is a modified, principle-based Ben Franklin close.

Here is a bonus word track for you to use when your buyer says everything is great, but they just don’t want to make a decision today:

“I get it. I want you to feel comfortable. When you’re ready, I’m ready. But I know you love the car, and you know I’m going to take great care of you. Our service department and our dealership’s reputation is great. We’ve got your back. So, let me ask you this, what would be the downside of saying yes and getting this car today?”

If you ask your buyers for the con in this way, many times they will say there really isn’t a downside, and that may help them feel comfortable going forward.

Use this Ben Franklin close, whether in a physical format or in a modified
principle-based format, to sell more cars and make more money.

Good Selling!

A Life of Abundance

Abundance or scarcity.
How are you living your life?

Living a life of abundance is so much bigger than your material possessions or the size of your bank account. Abundance is a mindset. It is a way of living your life.

How can you tell if you are living with abundance or with scarcity?
It’s all about your mindset:

Scarcity says “I don’t have enough for anyone else. I can barely take care of myself.

Abundance says “I have enough for both of us. I’m going to lift you up with me, and together we can lift up even more people.

When you seek your best self daily…
When you’re committed to being better today than you were yesterday…
When you know that the pursuit of your best self leads to joy,
peace, and satisfaction…
When you know it is a gift & a blessing to be a benefit to others…

You are living a life of abundance.

The difference we make to others is the only difference that matters.

Good Selling!

Buyer’s 4 Questions

All buyers have four questions. Answer these questions and you will close more deals and make more money.

Buyer’s 4 Questions:

  1. What should I buy?
  2. Where should I buy it?
  3. How much should I pay?
  4. When should I buy it?

If you can help buyers answer these 4 questions, you will have a car deal.

Answering your buyer’s 4 questions starts during the Understanding Goals step in your Sales Process. The Sales Process in the Excellence Roadmap is intentionally designed to answer all 4 questions and help your buyer feel comfortable saying “yes” to buying the car from you today (which, by the way, is what they came to do).

Ask your buyers questions like:

“What got you interested in the (model)?”
“Tell me more about…”

Get buyers talking about how the car fits their lifestyle. This starts to answer the “why” question. As they tell you the story behind the “why”, you can also get your buyers to answer the “when” question.

“What made you decide now to trade/get that upgrade?”

Before your buyer even steps on your lot, they have spent 16-20 hours online researching and usually only go to 1.3 dealerships. You are already a finalist for the “where” to buy.

(For additional training on asking good questions and understanding your buyer’s goals, review Sale One, Sell Yourself in your Excellence Roadmap training.)

Before we close today’s Sales Tip, let’s talk a little bit about the buying feeding frenzy of this summer. The combination of low inventory and pent-up demand from the shut downs in March and April created a huge market explosion. Basically, the “when” question was answered by the market. When this feeding frenzy slows, you will now have to answer the “when” question again. Keep this in mind during the winter months.

Good Selling!

Proactive v. Reactive Lifestyle

How do you know if you are living proactively or reactively?

If you’re stopping at a gas station for an energy drink every day,
you might be living a reactive life.

If you’re running out for lunch every day,
you might be living a reactive life.

Reactive Life – You’re too busy running on the hamster wheel to stop and prepare. You’re just trying to keep your head above water.

Proactive Life – You take the time to think and prepare before you act.
It lets you live with abundance and reach your God-given potential.

What do you want to be?
Proactive – moving up the ladder.
Reactive – trying to keep your head above water.

Stop and think about your week

Are you living proactively or reactively?

The best of the best take control of their time.
Time doesn’t control them. They live proactively.

Start small. Start with your energy drink. Buy it bulk in advance.
Start with your lunch. Pack it the night before.

Start putting proactivity into your daily life.

Good Selling!

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The lies we tell ourselves can become dangerous.
The more we tell ourselves these lies,
the more we tend to believe them.

The more we repeat lies in our minds, the more they become our reality. When these lies become reality, we are not living life to the fullest.

Do you know the difference between character and reputation?

Character: Who we are.
Reputation: Who we want others to think we are.

Another way to put this…
The difference between character and reputation is the same as
the difference between our true self and the image of the self.

It’s not a lie if you
believe it.

– George Costanza

So, how can we focus more on who we are instead of
who we represent ourselves to be?

How can we get our true self and our self image to align?

When we stop telling ourselves lies.
When we focus on becoming better today than we were yesterday.
When we acknowledge our failures.
When we acknowledge that we are not perfect.

That is when our character comes into alignment with our reputation.

Good Selling!

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