Unlock Your Sales Potential: Convert More Leads and Create Excited, Loyal Customers in Today’s Internet-Driven Marketplace

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The market has shifted – permanently. Buyers are spending more time shopping online, vetting car dealers (and salespeople) over the phone and email more closely than ever.

To get ahead in this new world, you need advanced techniques, but not the tired old scripts based on high pressure and hype!

You need tools and techniques based on timeless principles of influence to stand out from the crowded field.

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With timeless principles of influence and a unique approach that goes beyond word tracks and scripts, our program empowers managers and salespeople to become artists of selling. Our “One Team. One Playbook.” approach and 21-day fast start program bring teams up to speed quickly and efficiently, reducing turnover costs and establishing a culture of excellence.

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Don’t just take our word for it – our proven track record speaks for itself. Top car dealerships trust The Dealership Playbook to help them sell more cars, hold more profit, and create excited, loyal, lifetime customers.

Our stores have used several of the big trainers in our industry and I would say that David is by far the best value for your investment in your employees. It has given us a new hunger for selling cars at a time when we thought we knew everything there was to know and he is taking our store to the next level, from good to great.

David has a heart for people, a passion for success, and the desire and skill to teach. David’s training and leadership are giving us the tools to create excited, loyal, lifetime, customers and employees.

General Manager