Feel, Felt, Found

Communication is key in all relationships.

Feel, Felt, Found. This is a technique based on the principle of seeking first to understand before trying to be understood. It is a way to communicate with the people in your life, personally and professionally, inside of that principle. (For additional training on this topic, review the Active Listening and Asking Good Questions sections in the Excellence Roadmap.)

Feel – “I know exactly how you feel. I get it.”

Felt – “In fact, I’ve felt this way before.”

Found – “And here’s what I found out…”

Feel, felt, found helps you communicate your thinking in a way your buyer, or anyone, can respect. No one wants to listen to your opinion – what you’ve found – until they think you’ve heard them, understand how they feel, and can relate to them.

In today’s video, I’m going to use the example of car leasing to explain feel, felt, found. This isn’t just for salespeople or even just for people that work in car dealerships. It’s for everyone.

How can feel, felt, found help you communicate better with the people in your life?

Good Selling!