What is the Enemy of Excellence?

What do you think is the enemy of excellence?

When I ask this question in my live trainings, most people say things like:
failure, imperfection, inferiority, unimportance.

These are all antonyms for excellence.
They are not the enemy of excellence.

So, what is the enemy of excellence?
The enemy of excellence is:


What? It seems counterintuitive and it’s true.

The real enemy of excellence is prosperity.


When we have a lot it’s easy to lose focus on improving what we do and how we do it. It’s human nature to take success for granted. We work so hard to get there – to learn that new skill set, develop that habit. Once we’re there we tend to coast, to become complacent. And somehow we’re surprised we’re backtracking and no longer where we want to be.

Don’t get me wrong. Prosperity in itself is not bad. Prosperity is awesome. We all want prosperity. We all want to live with abundance.
We all want to be a benefit to others.

Today I want to encourage you to live in times of prosperity with excellence.

Times of prosperity are great times for evaluation – evaluation of your daily habits, your work, your goals, your life.

Let today’s prosperity be the seed of thriving, regardless of what conditions (now & in the future) are like. Constantly strive to become better today than you were yesterday, to be more of a benefit to others.

Ask yourself: Am I becoming the person I want to be?

Don’t just relax and sit there in times of prosperity.
Be satisfied with what you have.
Never be satisfied with who you are.
Constantly strive to improve.

Live with excellence this week.

Good Selling!