Overcoming Objections in the Trial Close

What is the difference between an objection and a condition?

Objection – Any reason for not moving forward with the deal
(usually a fear that can be overcome).

Condition – Something that is absolutely required to move the deal forward.

The Trial Close, in your Excellence Roadmap training, is also called the Velvet Hammer. It is an incredibly simple and comfortable way to overcome any objections your buyer might have. It helps you overcome your buyer’s fears and gets them comfortable saying “yes” to buying the car. From you. Today.

There are 3 types of objections: price, product, and postponement.

When a customer has a postponement objection.
For example, “I have to check with my bank first“,
do NOT make the mistake of trying to sell your financing right then and there.

It’s an easy mistake to make, but don’t do it!

Make the objection the close.
If the bank gives you the check, is this the car you definitely want?

The Trial Close gets buyers to commit to buy. You can sell them on your financing
AFTER you find out if it’s the car they want (pending financing).

The Trial Close is about getting a commitment on the car.
Get the commitment, then bring your customer inside.

Always game plan with your management team on how to handle
and overcome specific objections.

Good Selling!

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Nothing is good or bad until it is compared to something else.

How you draw comparisons, what you use as your benchmark, is extremely important.

We are always comparing ourselves to someone else.
It’s hard to not make these comparisons.

Let me tell you something, these comparisons do NOT measure excellence.

Start asking yourself…

Am I pursuing excellence?
Am I working with excellence?

Start internalizing who you are. Start comparing who you are now to who you want to become.

If you’re pursuing excellence every day, if you’re working to become better today than you were yesterday, that’s the comparison you need to make.

Good Selling!

Buying A Car Is About Compromise

Let’s be honest. Buying anything is about compromise.

So, how do you get your buyers to compromise?

Most people, your customers included, are looking for the whole package. So, how do you get buyers to justify modifying or changing their criteria when the car on your lot only meets most of the items on their mental checklist?

You have to know your buyer. You have to know:

  • What they want.
  • Why they want it.
  • Who they are.

Tip: This is why mastering the Understand Goals step of your Excellence Roadmap training is so important.

When you master the Understand Goals step, you get to know your buyer. This gives you the opportunity to find something on the lot they can drive home today.

Good Selling!

An Attitude of Gratitude

Your attitude is contagious.

How do you cultivate an attitude of gratitude?

How do you form an attitude of gratitude?

Gratitude is not a natural human state. You have to work at it.
You have to put gratitude in your mind every day.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to write down 3 things you are thankful for every day.

That might sound simple, but do this, every day, and you’ll be amazed at how your outlook on life changes. How your attitude improves when you become grateful for what you have.

Take a minute. Look around at your life. You are blessed. You have so much to be thankful for.

Count what you are thankful for and you will take on an attitude of gratitude.

Remember: Your attitude is contagious.

Good Selling!

Build Teamwork With Your Service and Support Staff

Relationships are built on positive deposits.

Be intentional about making positive deposits in your account. Then when something negative happens, you can make a withdrawal without damaging your relationship.

But if there is nothing in your account, there is nothing to withdraw.

How well do you know your support and service teams?

Do not make the mistake of only going back to see service and support when there is a problem. That is bad for the relationship.

Make it a habit to visit with all the teams in your dealership.

Thank them for what they do for you.

Good Selling!

Invest In Yourself For Excellence

Invest in yourself.
Invest in yourself for success.

How do you invest in yourself? It’s simple, but it’s not easy.
You have to do the work. You have to take purposeful action.

Do you know that spending as little as 15 minutes a day investing in yourself
can produce huge rewards?

There are five areas of your life to use as measurements to become better –
professional, relational, physical, mental, spiritual.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Professional – What is my knowledge, skill, action, and attitude at work? Where am I now and where do I want to be professionally? How can I improve?
  2. Relationally – Where am I at and where do I want to be relationally? How can I improve my relationships?
  3. Physically – Am I doing what I need to do to feel good and have the energy I need to be
    a benefit to others? Where am I at and where do I want to be physically? Sleep? Food? Exercise?
  4. Mentally – Am I constantly challenging my mind? Am I learning? Where am I at and where do I want to be mentally?
  5. Spiritually – Where am I at and where do I want to be spiritually?

Take responsibility for yourself.
Take responsibility for your knowledge, skill, action, and attitude.

Spend 15 minutes a day, every day, working to become better in these five areas.

Good Selling!

Always Have the Car You’re Working #s on Pulled Up

If you’re working numbers with a buyer, always have that car
pulled up front in the Trial Close area.

Pulling the car up signifies what?
I’ve got a deal.

There’s so much power in having the car pulled up front. If your customer changes colors or option packages after the Test Drive, make sure the correct car is pulled up to the Trial Close before you work numbers.

Note: Managers, make sure your sales consultants do this even if you are working numbers over the phone. The car has to be marked “sold“. This way, no one can drive or buy this car.

Benefits for you:

  1. It keeps you from having the wrong VIN and having incorrect paperwork.
  2. It keeps you from filling out the paperwork correctly only to find out the car
    is no longer there.
  3. It eliminates confusion. You are working numbers. Someone else drives the car.
    Now, who gets the car?

These are all problems that can be avoided with one step…

Make sure the car you are working numbers on is pulled up in the Trial Close
area BEFORE working numbers.

Good Selling!

Seek First to Understand

Do you sometimes make assumptions?

Do you sometimes attack without knowing the whole story?

What would happen if you first asked questions? If you got the whole story before making assumptions?

When you go to people first seeking to understand them, most people come clean and tell you the truth.

If you shoot first, nobody wins.

If you ask questions and get all of the information first, everybody wins.

Good Selling!

Customers Are Everywhere

Turn service customers into your customers.

How do you turn a service customer into a sales lead?
Start with a good welcome question:
“How are you doing today?”

Keep asking good questions:
“What kind of car do you have?”
“What service is being done?”
“How do you like your current vehicle?”

Then actively listen to their answers.

Pro Tip: Never ask “Can I help you?”or “Do you need anything?”
Your potential customer will probably respond with “I’m fine.” or “I’m just here for service.”

Your good welcome question puts the focus on them (not on what they want).

Starting a comfortable conversation by asking good questions
and actively listening generates leads.

The deals you need are all around you.

Slow down. Connect. Your opportunity will open.

Good Selling!

Set Clear & High Expectations For Yourself

Your expectations create your reality.

Expect a lot, get a lot.

Expect little, get little.

The first pillar of leadership is to lead by example.

The second pillar of leadership is to set clear and high expectations.

As a leader, you set clear and high expectations for others.

What kind of expectations do you set for yourself?
Are you setting clear and high expectations for your life?
Are you asking yourself if you are living life to its fullest?
Are you living to your values?

Set clear and high expectations for yourself and you will live abundantly.

Good Selling!

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