Is The Internet Buyer Really Any Different?

Do you sometimes forget the word “buyer” in “internet buyer”?

How different are they?

Internet buyers, like all buyers, have the same 3 fears.
They fear:
– buying the wrong car
– paying too much
– being pressured or hassled

Internet buyers actually help you. They spend a great deal of time doing your job. They do the research and, often, sell themselves on the car before walking
on to your lot.

Treat internet buyers the same way you treat all buyers – use your Sales Process.

To get any buyer feeling comfortable saying “yes” to buying from you today:

  • Build relationship and trust by showing interest in them
  • Build value and desire in the car
  • Get them committed before working numbers

The internet buyer is just like all of your other buyers.
Follow you Sales Process and you’ll turn them into
Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers.

Good Selling!