Ask Buyers to Buy

Ask them to buy.

Yes, that’s it. That is today’s Sales Tip. Ask your buyers to buy the car.
Buyers will never take the pen out of your hand.

Buyers need reassurance. When you positively, comfortably, confidently ask them to go ahead with the purchase, you’re reassuring your buyer they are doing the right thing – that it’s ok.

Now here’s the real tip:
You have to do it right.
You have to know when and how to ask your buyers to buy.

That is why the Sales Processes in the Excellence Roadmap is so
wickedly effective – it works.

It walks you through the entire process; it’s your map to get your buyers to buy. It gives your buyers the comfortable confidence to make a commitment to buy the car (from you, today) before you talk price or payment.

Today’s Sales Tip video gives you an overview of what you need to do to get the
today commitment from your buyers so you can easily ask them to buy.

The Excellence Roadmap gives you the most powerful, comfortable plan on asking 100% of your buyers that drive a car to buy from you today.

Good Selling!