The Value in Real Trade Value

Do you struggle to get your buyers to understand Real Trade Value?

Real Trade Value helps you explain your numbers in a way that makes logical sense to the buyer. It is a way for buyers to understand the discounts you have already given them (even before they walked onto your lot).

So, how can you get your buyers to understand the Real Trade Value?

Watch today’s video and find out.

Pro Tip: When you talk about repairs and other issues with your buyer’s trade, you don’t have to be specific. Let your buyer know your dealership spends $.02 – $.04 per mile (based on what is on their odometer)before you can sell the car. And that is money your buyer doesn’t have to spend.

Remember: Your buyer wants to say “yes”. Real Trade Value, as part of your ReSell/ReAsk step, gives buyers a logical reason to say “I’ll take it”.

Good Selling!