What’s Your Best Price?

“What’s your
best price
on that red one?”

Customers ask questions like this on the lot and on the phone every day. It's almost always asked before they've driven the car, or even know if they're really interested in it.

It’s not technically an objection, but the question comes from fear. It’s designed to put you on the defensive so it’s useful to approach it like an objection.


Salespeople have shared a million variations on an old theme to address this question. It usually sounds something like, "the price doesn't matter if you don't want the car" or "it's already priced to sell". 

Common Responses Create Resistance

These answers may be accurate, but they don't move your sale forward. In fact, they often build a wall between you and the buyer and derail your process. There is a way to artfully address this common question so that your customer feels heard and understood.

The best price objection is one of the most common objections, and you need to prepare yourself to confidently and positively overcome it. Handling this question professionally, whether it comes on the lot or the phone, sets you apart from your competition and opens the door for a First Pencil Close.

The video below teaches how to answer this question in a way that builds rapport with your guest without promising any discounts at all.

Watch now as David Lowe gives the thinking, tools, and training necessary to handle this question like a professional and move your sale forward.

From "just looking" to "Yes! I will buy this car today."

The video shows how you can address your buyer's fear and move your sales process forward. 

This is just one lesson from our Excellence Roadmap. When buyers ask, "What's your best price?" they have rarely committed to buy your car. 

Our training uses a proven process to move your buyer comfortably from "just looking" to "Yes! I will buy this car today." Only then does it benefit your buyer to talk about price...

Even then, what do you often hear?

... "I want more for my trade."

Once you present a deal sheet, the most common objection is, "I want more for my trade." Our free trial course consists of eight video lessons with PDFs and teaches you and your sales team how to present numbers with confidence and handle this frequent objection. 

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