What’s In Your Mind Will Be In Their Mind

Your thinking has ripple effects. It impacts the people around you.

The power of your mind is incredible. You have unlimited potential. Your thinking, your mind, your point of view is translated without a word being said.

At ASC, we train consultants and managers to know:
What’s in your mind will be in your buyer’s mind.
For example, if you think it’s a good deal, so will your buyers.

This principle goes beyond that.

Leaders – What’s in your mind will be in your staff’s mind.
If you have a negative view of the employee you are talking to, even if you are
trying to positively coach them, it will not come across that way.

Consultants – This goes for you too. If you think negatively about your bosses, it comes through in your speaking and your actions. Even if your solution is right, it will not be heard until your thinking is right

Before you talk, get your thinking and attitude right.

If you want to be effective, you have to change your thinking
before you open your mouth.

Good Selling!