The Vision Process For Lasting Improvement

“Within me burns a flame which has been passed from generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am, and I will.”-Og Mandino – The Greatest Salesman In The World

Each year around the holidays we focus on some of the more important things in our life and that automatically makes us more introspective.We self examine more. And the result of this is we start thinking about being better. Who do we want to be in the new year?And we start making resolutions. What’s the problem with resolutions?They say most resolutions don’t last very long.

You go to anybody’s house you go downstairs and you see their Bowflex or their ski machine and its covered with clothes hanging on it.So what happened?

I go to planet fitness at lunch most days, and in January the parking lot is full, and in February it’s less full. By March it’s back the way it was all year.What happened?We made good decisions.We know what we want.We want it bad.But somehow, making a decision is a lot easier than actually doing the work to get there.We need a better plan.If we truly want to change, it’s simple.

Download the 4-page PDF and use it to follow along with the video below to build your game plan for the coming year. There’s no opt-in required. Just click the button and save the file as our gift to you!

This post will never go out of date. There’s also no need to start on January 1. This process will serve you any time of any year, any time you are ready to make a positive change in any area of your life. Like all our training, it’s based on timeless principles and will never go out of style.  

The only difference from those who have succeeded and those who have failed lies in the difference of their daily habits. The ones that succeed and get what they’re after are the ones that have a plan, that vision, and take daily actionDownload the linked PDF below (no opt-in required) and and use it to plan your goal setting any time of the year!