Overcoming Objections in the Trial Close

What is the difference between an objection and a condition?

Objection – Any reason for not moving forward with the deal
(usually a fear that can be overcome).

Condition – Something that is absolutely required to move the deal forward.

The Trial Close, in your Excellence Roadmap training, is also called the Velvet Hammer. It is an incredibly simple and comfortable way to overcome any objections your buyer might have. It helps you overcome your buyer’s fears and gets them comfortable saying “yes” to buying the car. From you. Today.

There are 3 types of objections: price, product, and postponement.

When a customer has a postponement objection.
For example, “I have to check with my bank first“,
do NOT make the mistake of trying to sell your financing right then and there.

It’s an easy mistake to make, but don’t do it!

Make the objection the close.
If the bank gives you the check, is this the car you definitely want?

The Trial Close gets buyers to commit to buy. You can sell them on your financing
AFTER you find out if it’s the car they want (pending financing).

The Trial Close is about getting a commitment on the car.
Get the commitment, then bring your customer inside.

Always game plan with your management team on how to handle
and overcome specific objections.

Good Selling!