The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The lies we tell ourselves can become dangerous.
The more we tell ourselves these lies,
the more we tend to believe them.

The more we repeat lies in our minds, the more they become our reality. When these lies become reality, we are not living life to the fullest.

Do you know the difference between character and reputation?

Character: Who we are.
Reputation: Who we want others to think we are.

Another way to put this…
The difference between character and reputation is the same as
the difference between our true self and the image of the self.

It’s not a lie if you
believe it.

– George Costanza

So, how can we focus more on who we are instead of
who we represent ourselves to be?

How can we get our true self and our self image to align?

When we stop telling ourselves lies.
When we focus on becoming better today than we were yesterday.
When we acknowledge our failures.
When we acknowledge that we are not perfect.

That is when our character comes into alignment with our reputation.

Good Selling!