Curiosity Closes Car Sales

Sales is about curiosity.

I know, this flies in the face of what most of today’s sales people do.


When a buyer asks to drive a particular car, most salespeople respond with:

Great – Let me get the keys“.

What does a curious salesperson say?

I can totally help you with that. By the way, how did you get interested in…

Curious salespeople ask questions.
They ask good questions to find out:

  • What the buyer wants.
  • Why the buyer wants it.
  • Who the buyer is (family, work, & play).

Don’t limit yourself to just the”what” questions.
The “why” and the “who” are even more important.

Curiosity means you show interest in people, and that’s what sales is.

Do you think curiosity is missing a lot in sales today?
I do!

Show interest in your customers and you will make a connection with them.

Pro Tip: Review your training in the Excellence Roadmap on Asking Good Questions and Active Listening. Work on developing and mastering both of these skills.

Good Selling!

The Car is the Star

During your Sales Process, especially during negotiation, remember the car is the star. Sell the features, advantages, and benefits. Most importantly, sell what these things mean to your buyer.

Too often, we get stuck on price (or payment) and think the whole deal is about that.
It’s not. Price is only one piece of the entire package.
The most important piece is the car.

During your Sales Process, you are important. The relationship and trust you build with your buyer is a critical component of closing the deal. And remember, the car is the star. During the Test Drive, be quiet and let the car do the selling.

Remember during negotiating, the car is the star.

In your Excellence Roadmap training, you study Re-Sell Re-Ask. It is the most powerful, comfortable negotiating tool you have. It is designed to double your number of first pencil closes.

During Step 3 of Re-Sell Re-Ask, Redirect, you focus on the car:

  • Features
  • Hot Buttons
  • Warranties
  • Gas Mileage
  • Everything your buyer is getting from their car.
  • The joy of the car.

When you make the car the star, when you focus on the joy the car will bring to your buyer, you will comfortably close your deal today and maximize your gross in a way your buyer loves.

Good Selling!

A Great Influence

The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino is one of the most influential books that, for over 20 years now, has positively impacted my career and my life.

I’ve written about this many times. As a matter of fact, I did a series of blog posts covering each of the scrolls in the book. You can access the posts and videos here:

So, why is this book so influential?

Its teachings are based on timeless, proven principles. They are the same principles found in the Bible, in the writings of Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, and countless others. They are the same principles I used to develop the Excellence Roadmap and all of Automotive Sales Coach’s training.

For those of you who have been involved in the training for a while now, you know I often reference this book. In fact, I have a multi-part Seek Excellence video series about the book on our YouTube channel (which you can access here).

Today’s Seek Excellence is the introduction to The Greatest Salesman in the World. I encourage you to watch the entire series and to buy the book. Read the book. Study the scrolls. It will greatly impact your life.

Good Selling!

Dealer Trades

I know most of you can’t stand dealer trades,
and they are part of our business.

Do you know, we often create the dealer trades we claim to hate?


By starting the sale wrong and asking the wrong questions.

By following the Sales Process in the Excellence Roadmap, you learn to ask the right questions, help your buyer find the right car (on your lot), and decrease dealer trades.

Always explain dealer trades to your buyers.
Don’t assume they understand it.
They don’t.

If you can’t get a buyer on the car or there’s a product objection you cannot sell around, let them know about the dealer trade option.

  1. Let your buyer know you are part of a network. You have the clout necessary to get the car they want. (This builds value in you & in your dealership.)
  2. Explain the process. Your buyer will test drive a similar vehicle. You will agree on a price and on a payment option. You will take care of the dealer trade.
  3. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. It takes more frequent follow up to make buyers feel comfortable with the dealer trade process.

Think about the dealer trade process from the point of view of a buyer who has never been through it. Follow your dealership’s game plan.

Good Selling!

What Are You Listening To?

Control your mindset & attitude today by positively
and powerfully choosing what you listen to.

Whatever you put into your brain comes out emotionally, verbally. We are all highly influenced by what we consume – music, social media, news, books, TV.

What consumes your mind, controls your life. How? It determines your thinking, and your thinking determines your attitude, actions, and results.

What are you listening to?
Is it positive or negative?

Do you ever take the time to unplug?
Do you ever give yourself time to think, to listen to your heart?

Do you want your attitude to be one that lifts other people up? Well, that doesn’t happen by accident. You have to determine what is important to you. You have to determine what you listen to. You have to determine what mindset you want to have. And, finally, you have to choose to listen to these things.

Finally, brothers
and sisters,
whatever is true,
whatever is noble,
whatever is right,
whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely,
whatever is admirable
—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy
think about such things.

Philippians 4:8

I challenge you to shut off. Shut off your stuff, your electronics, your music. I challenge you to spend time listening to God, listening to your heart.

I challenge you to Seek Excellence today.

Good Selling!


There is power in trust and relationship.

To stand out to your customers, you have to connect with them. There is power in establishing a common bond with your buyers.
(This works for both the seller and the buyer.)

In your Excellence Roadmap training, Sale One, Sell Yourself, focuses on building relationship and trust with your buyers. Review the videos and notes in this step of the Sales Process. You will master:

  • The welcome
  • Understanding goals
  • Asking good questions
  • Active listening
  • Seeking out your customer’s why
  • Turning the why into who (family, work, play)

This is how relationship is established and how the customer decides who to do business with.

Good Selling!

Handling Upset Customers, Part 4

Today we wrap up our series on turning upset, frustrated customers into Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers.

Remember, customers are upset because of poor communication, time, &/or money.

Keys to overcoming your customer’s frustration:

  1. Attitude
  2. Active Listening
  3. Asking Good Questions
  4. Empathy
  5. Reassure

Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of Reassuring your customers. (For a deep dive into any of the keys, go to the training in the Excellence Roadmap.)

Reassure lets your customer know you’ve got their back.
It says: “I’m going to take care of you.

You also need to game plan. You need to give your customer a vision for how you are going to turn the situation around.

You need to constantly communicate. If you don’t keep you buyer up to date on the game plan, they will become frustrated again. Part of the game plan is to set proper expectations for time, communication, and follow up.

Delivery is the time to set the stage for an Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customer. At delivery, cement the relationship. Ask for “Perfect 10s” on the customer survey.

Serving every buyer with excellence will turn upset, frustrated customers into
Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers.

Good Selling!

Know the Why

Why is important to know your customer’s why?

The why is the fuel that drives actions.

The why is the motivation.

Their why is everything.

The why drives your buyer’s actions. When you find our their why, it also gives you insight into the who (family, work, & play). The why is the motivating factor – why now, why your dealership, why this car.

Learning to understand your buyer’s why is one part of becoming a master sales professional. Master sales professionals – regardless of the economy, market, or where they are working – can make a great living and take care of their family.

Go through your last few days, your last few deals, and ask yourself:

  • Are you asking your buyers about their why?
  • Are you seeking to understand their why?

The power, the fuel is in the why.
Seek the why.

The why is the key to relationship & trust, the key to selling that car today, the key to a first pencil close, the key to creating Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers.

Good Selling!

Handling Upset Customers, Part 3

We’re continuing our series on turning upset, frustrated customers into Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers.

Today we are discussing two critical skills: active listening and empathy.

You are the key ingredient in turning upset customers into lifetime customers. Who you are, what you do, why you do it, and how you do it matters. It’s about you and how you handle it.

Who is a more loyal customer?

A) A customer that never has a problem.
B) An unhappy customer with a problem that is handled correctly.

The correct answer is B.

See, it is about you and how you handle the situation.

Tip: Even if you can prove a customer wrong, DO NOT. And, DO NOT fire back at them.

This brings us to 2 of the keys to turning upset customers into Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers.

The first is Active Listening. The second is showing Empathy.

Active Listening

Be quiet and let your customer talk. Make eye contact and maintain good body language. If needed, let them vent. Let your buyer finish their sentences.

If you want to have influence with somebody, you have to let them influence you first.


Empathy says: I hear you. I understand you. I know how frustrating it is. And I’m sorry.

You then move forward and develop a game plan to correct the situation.

Empathy is the bridge that takes you to the solution.

When you handle upset, frustrated customers with excellence, you create Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers.

Good Selling!

For deep dives into active listening and empathy, go to the training in the Excellence Roadmap.


Sales is about integrity, curiosity, and creativity.

Creativity – Seeing beyond that little picture in front of you and trying to think
outside the box to come up with a solution that works.

Creativity is problem solving.

Ask yourself:

  1. What does the buyer say they want?
  2. Can I give it to them?
  3. If I can’t give it to them, what can I give them?
  4. How can I make it work for them?

You have many different options to solve your customer’s situation and help them find a car. Selling is not what the world thinks it is…
You have a better way of doing things, of serving your guests with excellence.

How can you creatively find a way to move your buyer to the next step of the Sales Process, find a car they love, and feel comfortable saying “yes” today?

Good Selling!