All Businesses Are Based On Relationships

    All businesses are built on relationships – especially sales and service.

    You have to build relationship and trust with your customers. Their perception of you, your dealership, your service team comes from the strength of your relationship.

    Even if you make the sale, if you do not build relationship, you are missing a huge opportunity.

    Your goal is to sell more cars and to make a fair profit. But you also want to build a bank of Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers. To do that requires a relationship. A foundation for building relationships is active listening.

    When you show interest in people, when you listen to them, they will automatically like you more. This is how you create the strong relationships that are essential to building your business.

    Find out about your buyer’s motives. Find out their why (their motivation for buying the car).

    Do this and you will establish a natural relationship that turns your buyers
    into lifelong customers.

    Good Selling!

    Build Value With Options Packages

      The options packages may make the car you are selling the best buy out there.

      Every time you go out to sell a new car, you need to sell the value of the packaging and standard equipment. It shows the true value of the car.

      Use your Value Story at the beginning of the Explore Step. It only takes a few minutes.
      Use it every time to build value in the vehicle.

      It helps your customers feel comfortable saying…
      “Yes, this is the right car, the right buy, the right price. I’ll take it.”

      Good Selling!

      Personal Strength

        How do you respond to your circumstances?

        When things are bad, how you respond matters.

        When things are good, how you respond matters.

        “The ultimate measure of a
        man is not where he stands in
        moments of comfort and convenience, but where he
        stands at times of challenge
        and controversy.”

        – Martin Luther King

        Don’t let your circumstances, good or bad, determine who you are and where you are going. Often unplanned events cause a negative reaction.
        Times of prosperity can cause an attitude of complacency and entitlement.

        How you respond to your circumstances is critically important. Your daily habits determine how you respond.

        Get up each and every day and decide who you are going to be that day.
        Make these decisions daily. Take the right actions, day after day, regardless
        if you are on top or if you are on the bottom. These are your habits.

        Your response to both prosperity and scarcity are habits.
        Your daily habits will sustain you during both.

        Good Selling!

        When Managers Don’t Ask Desk Questions

          What do you do when your managers don’t ask desk questions?

          Don’t be reactive.

          Don’t wait.

          Instead, be proactive.
          Answer the 5 desk questions before your manager has a chance to ask.

          Present to your managers the answers to the desk questions they should be asking.

          Answering bad desk questions just benchmarks you and could cost you the deal and/or gross.

          Good Selling!

          Turn Your Talent Into Art

            What is the difference between talent and art?

            Talent you have naturally.

            Art, or skill, is only developed by hours and hours of beating on your craft.

            This is also called preparation and practice.

            Developing your skill maximizes your talent.

            “The separation of talent

            and skill is one of the

            greatest misunderstood

            concepts for people trying

            to excel.”

            – Will Smith

            What is Will Smith saying?

            So many people rely on talent only. To be excellent in any area of your life, you need to develop your skill (which we call art). Developing your skill takes personal responsibility and practice.

            I see this every day in my job as a sales trainer, a sales coach. I see it all the time, I see naturally gifted people – great work ethic, good with people, naturally gifted people selling a lot of cars and doing really well, and they lack the skill and the art that they should have. Why? they’re making money, they’re selling cars, they must be good.

            Well, they’re talented, yes. But are they reaching their full potential?
            You know what, it’s not good enough to make money and outsell and outperform others.
            You have to focus on becoming your best self.

            We say it this way on the Excellence Roadmap…

            First, you have to learn the craft. You have to develop craft, and you have to practice that craft over and over until action and reactions become instinct. That becomes art.

            Don’t waste your talent with a lack of preparation and practice.
            Take personal responsibility for developing your talent into skill and art.

            There is no shortcut to excellence.

            Good Selling!

            Sales Process for Secondary Buyers

              Landing secondary buyers on the right car up front requires the right information up front.

              The Sales Process you study on the Excellence Roadmap works for secondary, credit-challenged buyers.

              Just add getting credit information to Sale One, Sell Yourself.

              During Sale One, Sell Yourself, you establish relationship and rapport. It is usually during this part of the Sales Process that you discover your buyer is a secondary customer and might have problems with financing.

              It is critically important to get their preapproval before you land them on a car. To do this, you can either ask buyers for their credit info upfront or ask them about financing on previous cars.

              After you get your buyer’s credit information, go to the desk and get coaching on the next step. Often your manager will get their credit score and use this to develop a game plan. Your secondary finance manager might T.O. at this point or instruct you on what additional information is needed to move the deal forward.

              Good Selling!

              Manners Matter

                How to improve all your interactions with customers and coworkers.

                Powerful interactions with people, with your customers, start with good manners.

                When talking about manners, “Thank you” and “I appreciate you” are the most effective ways to demonstrate great manners and build powerful interactions with people.

                It really boils down to the simple things…please and thank you. When you walk up to someone, smile and ask them how they are. Treat people like they are people. Show them appreciation.

                When you are with your customers, do you appreciate them? Of course you do. Let them know.

                Your coworkers, do you appreciate them? Of course you do. Let them know.

                Think about what you are saying. Your attitude and how you are saying it is affecting somebody else’s life.

                Most of all, think about how it’s affecting your life. You know that good manners improve your experience. It makes you more purposeful, more positive. It gives you the joy, peace, and satisfaction that the pursuit of excellence brings.

                Good Selling!

                ASC Word Tracks

                  Word tracks are a great way to develop confidence in your Sales Process

                  And remember, confidence is contagious!

                  How should you use the word tracks in your Career Builder Binder?

                  Should you memorize them? Repeat them verbatim?


                  You want to transform the word tracks. By transforming the word tracks you learn to think better. You understand what you are doing, why you are doing it, and you are learning how to do it well.

                  The best way to start is by memorizing the word tracks.
                  Then start transforming them by using your own words.

                  Develop your own personal style.

                  Practice the word tracks. Use them to role play with your managers and other sales consultants. Develop your skill and mastery of the word tracks until you start speaking using your own style and words.

                  Good Selling!

                  Seek Physical Excellence

                    Anything you value, you prioritize.

                    What we mean by seeking excellence physically:
                    Doing the things that matter to improve your overall health.

                    Your overall health has a big role in your life. If you are healthy, you have more energy and you can be more of a benefit to others.

                    Areas to seek excellence physically:

                    • Exercise
                    • Diet
                    • Reducing or eliminating bad habits/overindulgences


                    Exercise is necessary. Most people do not get the exercise they need to benefit their overall health.

                    Benefits of exercise:

                    – Stimulates your brain
                    – Improves your memory
                    – Makes you happier
                    – Helps you lose weight
                    – Improves muscles and bones
                    – Helps you relax
                    – Improves your quality of sleep
                    – Decreases pain
                    – Promotes a better sex life

                    I don’t have the time.
                    That’s the excuse people use all the time to not exercise. But, it’s just an excuse. How much time do you need? To reap the benefits of exercise, you do not need to make a huge time commitment. Just 10-15 minutes a day. That’s it.

                    It doesn’t matter how many times you have started and quit in the past. Make a commitment, right now, to start some form of exercise.

                    Seeking physical excellence requires that you move your body.


                    How big of a role does diet play in your life?

                    In my opinion, diet is everything. They say you are what you eat…it’s true.

                    Most people eat reactively when they are hungry. When you do this, you end up eating too much of the wrong foods.

                    Planning and preparing your food will change your overall health significantly.

                    Seeking excellence in terms of your diet means eating according to your values, not according to your cravings.

                    If you value your health, if you want to seek excellence physically, you need to make some decisions. You need to take some action.

                    Why wait?

                    Start now!

                    Good Selling.

                    Four Questions of the Counter Offer

                      Some customers you just can’t seem to close. Often, it is because they want things you cannot give them. When a buyer wants something that seems impossible, focus on what you can do for your buyer.

                      Ask yourself these four questions:

                      1. What does the buyer say they want?
                      2. Can I give it to them?
                      3. What can I give them?
                      4. How can I make it work for them?

                      During Step One of the Sales Process, you focus on building relationship and trust with your buyer. Use this relationship and trust to figure out what you can do to help buyers and meet their needs. Be creative with your solutions.

                      Present your solutions as a win for your buyer. Let them know how and why the
                      different vehicle, payment options, lease option, etc. benefits them personally.
                      (Remember: you learned your buyer’s what, why, and who they are during the
                      Understand Goals step.)

                      Think about some of your past, unclosed deals. Ask yourself the four questions.
                      How would have these questions helped you close the deal?

                      Good Selling!