Techniques Change, Principles Never Change

Principles determine what happens. They are the natural laws that govern all people. When you know and understand principles in your life, you can do amazing things.

Gravity is a principle. You can’t see it and it’s a powerful force.

Karma is a principle. What you put out comes back.

Principles never change, but the techniques we use can and do change over time.

Why is this important?

You hear everyday “business has changed”.
It’s true. The times, the technologies, the way we do business changes.
These are all techniques.

However, the principles that drive human behavior and performance
have not and do not change.

Principles that never change:

  1. Principle of Excellence – Excellence will always stand out and
    demand a higher reward.
  2. Principle of Discipline – Hard and smart work brings a profit.
  3. Principle of Personal Responsibility – I am responsible for my attitude, knowledge, skills, actions, and results.
  4. Principle of Personal Development – When I make sure I prepare,
    then I will be ready when the opportunity arrives.
  5. Principle of Relationship and Trust – All human interactions that lift up and encourage require relationship and trust.
    (This is the goal of Sale One, Sell Yourself.)
  6. The Principle of Value, Desire, and Commitment – It’s a foundation for moving forward in any relationship, personal or professional.
    (This is the goal of Sale Two, Sell the Vehicle.)
  7. The Principle of Win-Win – It’s win-win or it’s no deal. When there’s a loser, everyone loses.
    (This is the goal of Sale Three, Sell the Deal.)
  8. The Principle of Fear – Fear is contagious.
  9. The Principle of Confidence – Confidence is contagious too.

These are the principles everyone needs to understand. They never change. If your techniques aren’t rooted in these principles, will not produce the maximum and desired effect.

Ask yourself if these principles are in line with your life.

When you know these principles, when you self-examine, when you seek them,
they will help you achieve the goals you want to achieve and will help you be a
benefit to others.

Good Selling!


The power of the principle of reciprocity.

The principles that drive performance and excellence have always existed.
It’s our job to understand and implement them to benefit our customers,
our dealership, and ourselves.

The Power of Reciprocity:
Whenever you do something for another person, they automatically want
to repay you or do something for you.

Think about it…
When someone does something for you that you didn’t expect, you immediately feel bad because you didn’t do something for them.

It’s human nature. We all feel this way.

That is the power of reciprocity.

The more you do for your buyers, the more they will feel they have to do something for you.

That is one of the reasons you should never short cut your Sales Process. When you cut corners, skip some of the steps, you stop ‘earning’ reciprocity from your buyers.

Every step of your Excellence Roadmap’s Sales Process is based on timeless principles, including the principle of reciprocity.

Even the smallest things you do for your customers builds reciprocity.

The principles that drive human behavior are easily visible to all.

Understand them.
Apply them.
Benefit from them.

Good Selling!

What’s In Your Mind Will Be In Their Mind

Your thinking has ripple effects. It impacts the people around you.

The power of your mind is incredible. You have unlimited potential. Your thinking, your mind, your point of view is translated without a word being said.

At ASC, we train consultants and managers to know:
What’s in your mind will be in your buyer’s mind.
For example, if you think it’s a good deal, so will your buyers.

This principle goes beyond that.

Leaders – What’s in your mind will be in your staff’s mind.
If you have a negative view of the employee you are talking to, even if you are
trying to positively coach them, it will not come across that way.

Consultants – This goes for you too. If you think negatively about your bosses, it comes through in your speaking and your actions. Even if your solution is right, it will not be heard until your thinking is right

Before you talk, get your thinking and attitude right.

If you want to be effective, you have to change your thinking
before you open your mouth.

Good Selling!

Read an Owner’s Manual

Master salespeople are product experts.

Reading the owner’s manuals for the brands you sell puts you on the path to becoming a product expert.

Just by reading the manual, you will learn so much that you might not know.

Why is this important?

Master salespeople are product experts. There are so many tips you will learn in the owner’s manual that you can use during your Vehicle Exploration.

The more you know, the more you have in your toolkit to lay out the car’s personal benefits for your buyers.

Go through the owner’s manual this week. Let us know something you learned that will be a benefit to you as you go through your Sales Process with your buyers.

Becoming a product expert turns into higher closing percentages, more profit per car, and more satisfied customers.

Good Selling!

PS: At ASC, our mission is to inspire you to become a student of excellence. As a student of excellence, you take responsibility for your attitude, knowledge, skills, actions, and results. If we can help you on your path to excellence, let us know. You can email or comment on Facebook in the link above.

Sympathy vs. Empathy

What is the difference between sympathy and empathy?

Why & how does one move the sale forward and help you close more deals and the other often derails the sale?

Sympathy – Agreeing with somebody’s situation. It says “you’re right“.

Empathy – Understanding and sharing the feelings of another. It says “I hear and understand you“, “I know how you feel“.

You can, and should, show empathy to people
even if you don’t sympathize with them.

In sales, empathy makes your buyers feel heard and understood. It helps you move the sale forward and close more deals.

On the other hand, sympathy often has you agreeing with something that sets the buyer’s mind and expectations on a wrong path that can derail the sale.

Good Selling!

Know Your Referral Program & Sell It

Do you know how to create Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers?
One of the best ways is through your dealership’s referral program.

A referral program tells your buyers:
I would appreciate you going out of your way to tell people about me and send them to me. If they come in and buy a car from me, I will do this for you.

Steps to use your referral program to increase your sales:

  1. Find out your dealership’s referral program and know how it works.
  2. If your dealership doesn’t have a referral program, put one together yourself, and tell everyone (including your service department) about it.
  3. Figure out how you will implement the referral program with every buyer.
  4. Make it easy for your buyer.
    Give them business cards at delivery, remind them of the program
    during your follow up calls, send them an email.
  5. Pay your referral program. Follow through on what you say you are going to do.
  6. Call people who send you a referral even when you don’t sell the car. Still follow up.

You want to be a benefit to others. People want to be a benefit to you. People love reciprocity, they love when you show appreciation.

If you want to build your bank of Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers, this is one of the easiest, most proactive ways to do it.

You have to make the decision.
You have to take consistent action to make it happen.

Good Selling!

The Power of Appreciation

Appreciation is powerful.
Showing appreciation to others is even more powerful.

Why is it so powerful?
When you focus on what is right, what’s wrong begins to shrink.
When you focus on what’s right, you live with more joy, more power.
You have and experience the peace and satisfaction you’re looking for.

When you show appreciation for others:

  • It has to be real.
  • You have to be specific.
  • Let the person know how what they do makes you feel.
  • Let them know the difference it makes in your life.

As part of your daily morning routine:

  • Write 3 things you are thankful for.
  • Write down the name of someone you appreciate.
  • Tell them that day why you appreciate them.
  • Let them know the difference they make in your life.

Showing appreciation to others strengthens you and strengthens them.

How can you show appreciation today?

Good Selling!

The Value in Real Trade Value

Do you struggle to get your buyers to understand Real Trade Value?

Real Trade Value helps you explain your numbers in a way that makes logical sense to the buyer. It is a way for buyers to understand the discounts you have already given them (even before they walked onto your lot).

So, how can you get your buyers to understand the Real Trade Value?

Watch today’s video and find out.

Pro Tip: When you talk about repairs and other issues with your buyer’s trade, you don’t have to be specific. Let your buyer know your dealership spends $.02 – $.04 per mile (based on what is on their odometer)before you can sell the car. And that is money your buyer doesn’t have to spend.

Remember: Your buyer wants to say “yes”. Real Trade Value, as part of your ReSell/ReAsk step, gives buyers a logical reason to say “I’ll take it”.

Good Selling!

The Power of Personal Responsibility

Are you taking personal responsibility for your life
or are you blaming others?

You can’t control what other people do.
You can control what you do.

You’re responsible for your:

  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Actions
  • Results

Ultimately, who’s the decider in your life? You are.

Real growth starts when we realize that not everything is fair,
not everything is equal, not everything is right.

Real growth happens when we take personal responsibility for the things,
all the things, in our lives that we can control.

You deserve to be better today than you were yesterday.

You deserve to live with excellence.

Good Selling!

P / PC Balance

Understanding P/PC balance will help you maximize your results.

What does this mean?

P = Production (sales)

PC = Production Capacity

Your sales, your production, can never exceed your production capacity.

If you want to increase your sales and your results, you have to first increase your production capacity.

How do you do this?

The #1 key to capacity is competence.

Does your team know:

  • What to do?
  • Why to do it?
  • How to do it well?
  • Can they do it?
  • Are they doing it?

Capacity is built on the competence of your team.

Another powerful part of capacity is process.

Are your processes thoughtful and consistent?

Do you want to get better results? Of course you do.

There’s only one way to produce better results – get better.

To do things better means taking a look at your PC, Production Capacity.
Make sure your team has the competence and make sure you have thoughtful, consistent processes.

Good Selling!