Curiosity Closes Car Sales

Sales is about curiosity.

I know, this flies in the face of what most of today’s sales people do.


When a buyer asks to drive a particular car, most salespeople respond with:

Great – Let me get the keys“.

What does a curious salesperson say?

I can totally help you with that. By the way, how did you get interested in…

Curious salespeople ask questions.
They ask good questions to find out:

  • What the buyer wants.
  • Why the buyer wants it.
  • Who the buyer is (family, work, & play).

Don’t limit yourself to just the”what” questions.
The “why” and the “who” are even more important.

Curiosity means you show interest in people, and that’s what sales is.

Do you think curiosity is missing a lot in sales today?
I do!

Show interest in your customers and you will make a connection with them.

Pro Tip: Review your training in the Excellence Roadmap on Asking Good Questions and Active Listening. Work on developing and mastering both of these skills.

Good Selling!