Always Have the Car You’re Working #s on Pulled Up

If you’re working numbers with a buyer, always have that car
pulled up front in the Trial Close area.

Pulling the car up signifies what?
I’ve got a deal.

There’s so much power in having the car pulled up front. If your customer changes colors or option packages after the Test Drive, make sure the correct car is pulled up to the Trial Close before you work numbers.

Note: Managers, make sure your sales consultants do this even if you are working numbers over the phone. The car has to be marked “sold“. This way, no one can drive or buy this car.

Benefits for you:

  1. It keeps you from having the wrong VIN and having incorrect paperwork.
  2. It keeps you from filling out the paperwork correctly only to find out the car
    is no longer there.
  3. It eliminates confusion. You are working numbers. Someone else drives the car.
    Now, who gets the car?

These are all problems that can be avoided with one step…

Make sure the car you are working numbers on is pulled up in the Trial Close
area BEFORE working numbers.

Good Selling!