Your Toughest Opponent!

“See this guy staring at you,  that’s the toughest opponent you’re ever going to have to face. I believe that’s true in the ring and in life.” 

With powerful simplicity, Rocky Balboa delivers a timeless success principle: who we are and how we think determines our outcomes.

We all struggle with ourselves, with self-mastery. Excellence isn’t an event, it’s a lifestyle!

As 2017 approaches it is a good time to take an honest look at ourselves in self-examination. Are we the person we want to be? What areas are we excelling in? What areas are holding us back?  What are the areas we should improve on to be more effective at work, at home, at life?

To get started, set aside some time to weigh your opportunities. One idea is to use a modified Ben Franklin Pro and Con Close on ourselves. On one side list the areas you feel you are excellent (not perfect ) that you want to continue. On the other side list the areas of opportunity.  These are the areas that if we improved would positively and powerfully impact our personal and professional lives.

If we are honest we all know the areas we haven’t surrendered, the areas that are holding us back. List them.  Determine the most jugular opportunities and use the Vision-Decision-Action process to motivate yourself to make the adjustments you need to become better, day by day!

Over the next few weeks, I will be sending you some ideas for thought to help prepare us to be our best selves in 2017!

  • Excellence in health.
  • Excellence in personal organization.
  • Excellence in continuous improvement.

Remember, nothing great ever just happens!

Good Selling