Turn Your Talent Into Art

What is the difference between talent and art?

Talent you have naturally.

Art, or skill, is only developed by hours and hours of beating on your craft.

This is also called preparation and practice.

Developing your skill maximizes your talent.

“The separation of talent

and skill is one of the

greatest misunderstood

concepts for people trying

to excel.”

– Will Smith

What is Will Smith saying?

So many people rely on talent only. To be excellent in any area of your life, you need to develop your skill (which we call art). Developing your skill takes personal responsibility and practice.

I see this every day in my job as a sales trainer, a sales coach. I see it all the time, I see naturally gifted people – great work ethic, good with people, naturally gifted people selling a lot of cars and doing really well, and they lack the skill and the art that they should have. Why? they’re making money, they’re selling cars, they must be good.

Well, they’re talented, yes. But are they reaching their full potential?
You know what, it’s not good enough to make money and outsell and outperform others.
You have to focus on becoming your best self.

We say it this way on the Excellence Roadmap…

First, you have to learn the craft. You have to develop craft, and you have to practice that craft over and over until action and reactions become instinct. That becomes art.

Don’t waste your talent with a lack of preparation and practice.
Take personal responsibility for developing your talent into skill and art.

There is no shortcut to excellence.

Good Selling!