The Battle of Ego v. Humility

There is a battle that rages in all of us.
The battle is between ego and humility.
We all fight it. Every. Single. Day.

What is ego?

How does ego affect us?

What is humility?

Ego is the natural self-centeredness and selfishness we are all born with. We all have it. It is a wrong view of yourself that says: “I am perfect. I am the best. I have no room to change.

Ego is actually an incredible weakness.

Ego affects you because it keeps you from seeking excellence. It keeps you from seeking to become better today than you were yesterday.

The best of the best are always trying to get better. Someone who is ego-driven cannot admit to making mistakes.

Humility is an awesome power. Humility says: “I am pretty excellent, and all I want to do is
get better.”

Humility gives us the ability to consider comfortable feedback, allows us to examine ourselves, and to seek improvement.

Humility is power and confidence.

How do you react when you are comfortably corrected?

  • Do you fire back at the other person’s mistakes? Or their lack of excellence or perfection?
  • Do you consider what the other person says? Do you acknowledge they might be correct? Do you think about the correction?

Nothing great ever just happens. If you want to become a person of humility, you have to pursue it. We call that seeking excellence. You have to seek to become better today than you were yesterday.

Good Selling!