Techniques Change, Principles Never Change

Principles determine what happens. They are the natural laws that govern all people. When you know and understand principles in your life, you can do amazing things.

Gravity is a principle. You can’t see it and it’s a powerful force.

Karma is a principle. What you put out comes back.

Principles never change, but the techniques we use can and do change over time.

Why is this important?

You hear everyday “business has changed”.
It’s true. The times, the technologies, the way we do business changes.
These are all techniques.

However, the principles that drive human behavior and performance
have not and do not change.

Principles that never change:

  1. Principle of Excellence – Excellence will always stand out and
    demand a higher reward.
  2. Principle of Discipline – Hard and smart work brings a profit.
  3. Principle of Personal Responsibility – I am responsible for my attitude, knowledge, skills, actions, and results.
  4. Principle of Personal Development – When I make sure I prepare,
    then I will be ready when the opportunity arrives.
  5. Principle of Relationship and Trust – All human interactions that lift up and encourage require relationship and trust.
    (This is the goal of Sale One, Sell Yourself.)
  6. The Principle of Value, Desire, and Commitment – It’s a foundation for moving forward in any relationship, personal or professional.
    (This is the goal of Sale Two, Sell the Vehicle.)
  7. The Principle of Win-Win – It’s win-win or it’s no deal. When there’s a loser, everyone loses.
    (This is the goal of Sale Three, Sell the Deal.)
  8. The Principle of Fear – Fear is contagious.
  9. The Principle of Confidence – Confidence is contagious too.

These are the principles everyone needs to understand. They never change. If your techniques aren’t rooted in these principles, will not produce the maximum and desired effect.

Ask yourself if these principles are in line with your life.

When you know these principles, when you self-examine, when you seek them,
they will help you achieve the goals you want to achieve and will help you be a
benefit to others.

Good Selling!