Set Goals To Win

Goals are important. You have to have a target to hit.

And, goals are, for the most part, arbitrary. You define them.

So, how do you set goals to win?

You first need to define your goals.
– What are your goals for the year?
– What are your goals for the month?

However, annual and monthly goal setting is probably not as effective as it
could be. Why? Because you need to adjust your goals based on how you are doing throughout the month. Just focusing on monthly goals can cause you to commit the sin of aiming too low.

Always aim high and miss.
Never aim too low and hit.

To be of value, goal setting must be constantly pursued and measured. To make goal-setting more valuable, set long-term goals and then break them down into smaller components (weekly and daily goals).

How do you apply this to your daily sales career?
How do you break down your monthly goals into actions and measurable results?

You come into work to sell a car. You work 5 days a week.
How many cars do you want to sell in a week? 5 cars a week.
How many cars do you want to sell each day? 1 car a day
(If you don’t sell a car today, you better plant the seed for tomorrow.)

When you set goals, you have to track them.
You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Pro Tip: Get a monthly calendar.
Every day, track these 3 metrics:

  1. How many face-to-face guests.
  2. How many units sold.
  3. How many future appointments set.

Your ultimate goal should be to work with excellence with every opportunity.
That is the highest goal you can set.

Good Selling!