Seek Physical Excellence

Anything you value, you prioritize.

What we mean by seeking excellence physically:
Doing the things that matter to improve your overall health.

Your overall health has a big role in your life. If you are healthy, you have more energy and you can be more of a benefit to others.

Areas to seek excellence physically:

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Reducing or eliminating bad habits/overindulgences


Exercise is necessary. Most people do not get the exercise they need to benefit their overall health.

Benefits of exercise:

– Stimulates your brain
– Improves your memory
– Makes you happier
– Helps you lose weight
– Improves muscles and bones
– Helps you relax
– Improves your quality of sleep
– Decreases pain
– Promotes a better sex life

I don’t have the time.
That’s the excuse people use all the time to not exercise. But, it’s just an excuse. How much time do you need? To reap the benefits of exercise, you do not need to make a huge time commitment. Just 10-15 minutes a day. That’s it.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have started and quit in the past. Make a commitment, right now, to start some form of exercise.

Seeking physical excellence requires that you move your body.


How big of a role does diet play in your life?

In my opinion, diet is everything. They say you are what you eat…it’s true.

Most people eat reactively when they are hungry. When you do this, you end up eating too much of the wrong foods.

Planning and preparing your food will change your overall health significantly.

Seeking excellence in terms of your diet means eating according to your values, not according to your cravings.

If you value your health, if you want to seek excellence physically, you need to make some decisions. You need to take some action.

Why wait?

Start now!

Good Selling.