Salespeople, Get Control of Your Buyers using Rigid Flexibility

And learn the one thing you should
NEVER do during the sale.

Selling is about connecting, leading, and closing.

Sometimes buyer’s questions or actions derail your sales process. To keep your buyers moving forward and to get the sale back on track, use rigid flexibility.

Rigid flexibility allows you to be flexible about the order you proceed through the sales process but rigid with sticking to your proven process.

Watch this video.

You will learn how to maintain control of the sale, and the one thing you should never
(ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever)
do during your sales process.

If you want to close the deal and make the sale, you have to connect with your buyers. You have to lead your buyers through the sales process and have confidence in your process.

When you tell your buyer to follow you, they will follow you.