Sales Process for Secondary Buyers

Landing secondary buyers on the right car up front requires the right information up front.

The Sales Process you study on the Excellence Roadmap works for secondary, credit-challenged buyers.

Just add getting credit information to Sale One, Sell Yourself.

During Sale One, Sell Yourself, you establish relationship and rapport. It is usually during this part of the Sales Process that you discover your buyer is a secondary customer and might have problems with financing.

It is critically important to get their preapproval before you land them on a car. To do this, you can either ask buyers for their credit info upfront or ask them about financing on previous cars.

After you get your buyer’s credit information, go to the desk and get coaching on the next step. Often your manager will get their credit score and use this to develop a game plan. Your secondary finance manager might T.O. at this point or instruct you on what additional information is needed to move the deal forward.

Good Selling!