Run Toward Problems

Don’t run away from problems, run toward them.

Running toward problems lets your customers know you have their back. It tells your buyers, “My service to you begins when you leave with your car“.

Problems will find you. The longer the problem festers, the bigger it gets and the more difficult it is to overcome.

As soon as you have a problem with a customer, go to your manager and immediately game plan a way to resolve the issue. Talk about solutions you can
offer your buyers.

When you do this, you create:
Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers, additional sales, higher gross, and more goodwill.

People who go home with a car, have a problem, and the problem is handled well, are more loyal and more likely to buy from you again than people who never have a problem.

Running toward a problem is always better than running away from it.

Do the right thing.

Good Selling!