The power of the principle of reciprocity.

The principles that drive performance and excellence have always existed.
It’s our job to understand and implement them to benefit our customers,
our dealership, and ourselves.

The Power of Reciprocity:
Whenever you do something for another person, they automatically want
to repay you or do something for you.

Think about it…
When someone does something for you that you didn’t expect, you immediately feel bad because you didn’t do something for them.

It’s human nature. We all feel this way.

That is the power of reciprocity.

The more you do for your buyers, the more they will feel they have to do something for you.

That is one of the reasons you should never short cut your Sales Process. When you cut corners, skip some of the steps, you stop ‘earning’ reciprocity from your buyers.

Every step of your Excellence Roadmap’s Sales Process is based on timeless principles, including the principle of reciprocity.

Even the smallest things you do for your customers builds reciprocity.

The principles that drive human behavior are easily visible to all.

Understand them.
Apply them.
Benefit from them.

Good Selling!