Professionals Rely On Their Instincts

Instincts that move your buyer forward in the Sales Process only come from preparation, practice, and training.

One of our biggest jobs is to prepare you to act and react instinctively and with excellence to the situations you encounter every day. This is why we teach you:

  • What to do.
  • Why to do it.
  • How to do it well.

It’s your job to practice it, to do it day-to-day.
That is how you develop your instincts.

When you learn your craft and practice it over & over, then your actions and reactions become instinct. When your actions and reactions are instincts, you are now an expert sales professional.

We know buyers have three fears, and these fears drive most of their objections.

We know the buyer’s online process before they set foot on the lot and the information they have.

(For deeper dives into buyer’s three fears and their online shopping habits, review the training in the Excellence Roadmap.)

We know how to help buyers do what they want to do – drive home a car today.

When buyers say things differently, it’s your instincts that help you overcome that particular situation and have your buyer move to the next step in the Sales Process.

Professionals rely on their instincts, their ability to react to the situation n front of them.”

Tom Sellick
Blue Bloods

It’s simple. Take 15 minutes, every single day, to practice and prepare. Then when something comes up, your actions and reactions become instinct.

Professionals rely on their instincts.

Prepare and practice every day to keep your instincts sharp.

Good Selling!