One Learns Most When Teaching Others

This is also called proactive training.

When learning a new skill, it helps to take notes and review those notes. To really cement your learning, tell someone else what you learned.

Every time you take time out to show someone else, you get something back.

You get better!

If you see someone struggling, help them. Show them a way to get better.
You will become more impactful at your job.
The more you give, the more you get.

Take on a mentality of abundance.

Good Selling!

PS: Managers – You can supplement the Excellence Roadmap online training. Use your daily planners to facilitate discussions with your team about that day’s training videos. Pass out the weekly quizzes and review the answers with your team. It helps your team get better (and your knowledge also improves).

Reminder: The daily planners and quizzes are emailed to you each week. You can also find them on the Excellence Roadmap under Manager Accelerator – Resource Downloads.