There’s a Difference, Between Sales Reps & Sales Pros!

Which ones are representing your dealership?

At Automotive Sales Coach, we deliver training that’s fast, effective, and gets out of the way, so your Sales Pros can:

  • Get excited about performing at a higher level month after month
  • Hit higher volume & gross than you ever thought they were capable of
  • Get you ranked as a top dealership in the region
  • Maximize your retention & minimize your turnover
  • And exceed customer satisfaction standards so happy customers refer other happy customers who come back for years
Get Your PriceAct Fast, Spots Are Genuinely Limited

All without costing your managers a bunch of extra time on old training methods that waste too much money and do not stick.

Right now:

Your managers don’t have time to train, and your sales team is dead in the water without the support.

But the numbers are clear as day. Your new hires don’t know heads from tails when it comes to selling cars. Your old hires are making the same mistakes and costing you the same types of deals over and over again.

You’re sick of dealing with low morale, low rankings, high turnover, and subpar customer experience. But you don’t know how to fix it and become a top competitor in the region.

And you know that if you could find a way to connect customers who want to buy with sales PROS who are happy and competent at selling, you would finally blow your gross through the ceiling.

Then you’ll finally be able to turn your dealership into something that feels like a TRUE success to your competitors, your team, your customers, and, most importantly, to you.

What if a world existed where your team was happy to do 3 to 15 minutes of daily training that had transformational results for your dealership, like Bill:

Don’t get me wrong…

You ARE making money. People need cars, and they’ll keep buying them.

But don’t you want to be more than just another dealership? Don’t you want to be the best?

Don’t you want to see what you & your team are really made of? Be the undisputed leader of the dealer group? Dominate the industry? Hit gross and volume numbers you can brag about?

Your current sales process got you here, but it won’t get you there.

How much time are you spending:

  • Hitting subpar numbers
  • Seeing your dealership on the right side of the group
  • Having to hire yet another underperforming rep
  • ​Feeling stuck in your current position
  • ​Dealing with reps & managers who don’t feel confident, competent, or fulfilled – and not knowing what to do about it
  • ​Losing customers because of all these issues

This isn’t how you should be spending your time.

You should be spending it feeling excited about your dealership’s performance, and celebrating the success that comes from it.

Let’s be honest for a second.

Investing in sales training has NOT gotten excellent results for you in the past, has it?

Every time you’ve tried training in the past, one of these things happen:

  • Your managers can’t make the time to plan or implement it
  • Your sales reps certainly aren’t taking the time to do it on their own
  • So the training materials usually collect dust
  • ​Or the live/in-person training wears off in a couple of weeks with no consistent change of habits
  • ​And ultimately it was just a big waste of time and money

Does this sound like what you’ve been through before?

Then your dealership is exactly the kind of dealership we’re here to help.

What if I told you there IS a way to train a team of high-performing sales pros – and that it simply requires a methodology that no one is talking about?

Look, there are two types of dealerships…

Type #1 has managers who don’t have time for training because they’re stuck playing cleanup on underperforming teams…

They’re consistently getting roped into writing counteroffers to make up for poor negotiation skills…
They’re always on the lookout for the next new hire because turnover is high

And are spending yet another morning firing and hiring – just to be too busy to train the new hires again…
Types #1 is stuck in “mediocre” mode.

You’re a car dealership so YES you make money. Of course you do!

So it’s easy to overlook the mediocre performance until you see your name on the right side of the dealer group.

Then it stings, until you can forget again. Because you simply don’t have time to train.

Why does this happen?

Because the industry doesn’t give us training that’s actually usable for a busy sales team. Something the managers don’t HAVE to plan for – that’s already planned for them.

Videos & lessons that don’t TAKE forever. That they can get done in 3-5 minutes.

Imagine if everything you needed to get your team performing was something they could consume in 3 minutes on the way into work.

Or in 6 minutes in the morning huddle.

Imagine if the “training” fit so seamlessly into the day that they don’t feel like they’re spending any extra time at all.

But the results prove they’re putting in the work to finally develop themselves into top tier sales managers and pros.

This is the reality for the other type of dealership. Type #2…

Type #2 has managers who prioritize training because they know it makes everything else so much easier.

They barely spend any time writing counteroffers, because their team of highly-trained sales pros knows how to negotiate the deal.

Type #2’s turnover is at an all-time low so they can focus more on hitting the next goal instead of cleaning up the next mess

The team is feeling competent, confident, and excited about the work they do because they live the lifestyle of high performing sales pros.

It’s an identity. Not a day job. And it shows!

Because volume and gross are through the roof!

And they’re finally seeing their name sit at the top of the dealer group.

Still, the question is….

Why are most dealerships stuck being Type #1?

Because they haven’t discovered the only kind of sales training that is easy to consume AND implement for immediate results.

Hi, I’m David Lowe.

And the #1 reason you should trust me is because I’ve helped dealerships turn a struggling sales team into a team of EXCELLENCE that’s dominating their dealer group again…

“#1 RB Honda – first time in over a DECADE!!

David, you helped us earn this and I wanted to share with you! Thank you for your help!
Moving mountains and developing a ton of people to become better mentors – this is HUGE! I am so happy that David is creating a following, he is truly inspiring!
Your continuous support and ability to help our team stay engaged. They really appreciate you being able to answer their questions (especially Val one of our top performers). “

Jessica GSM RB Honda

And again…

And again…

I’m able to do this because I’m a life-long automotive sales professional myself who has always been a student of excellence. I studied what the best of the best do, and as a result I’ve been able to live the life you can achieve with excellence in sales, including:
  • Award-winning GSM by age 23
  • Nationwide trainer with the HAC group at age 30
  • Owner/Operator of my own dealership
  • Diamond Pin Award Winner. Awarded to the top 5 US Dealerships in Sales, Service, and Customer Satisfaction. VW’s Highest Award!
  • ​Full-time inhouse and virtual training for dozens of dealerships, dealer groups, F&I providers, and industry trade organizations
It took me years on the front lines & in the trenches to discover what principles, strategies & sales tactics lead to higher volume, higher gross, minimal turnover, the highest customer satisfaction, and of course a team of excited sales pros who know what to do even in tough negotiations.

But it doesn’t take my clients years. You start seeing results as soon as you start digging into the bite-size training material in…

The Automotive Sales Coach Online Training for Dealerships

Our Online Sales Training is designed to help YOU:.

  • Get fast results with short, concise, actionable training videos and emails
  • Grow a team of sales pros who are excited to win instead of sales reps who are struggling to stay above water
  • Have a team of confident, competent managers who are proactive about driving your numbers up rather than reactive and treading water at the bottom of the well
  • ​Get instantaneous clarity & results from under 15 minutes per day of the exact step your team needs to take that day to improve their performance
  • ​Minimize your turnover and the time + resources spent on hiring because your pros will be happy to stay on at a job they love, excel at, and thrive in
But that’s not all…

How Will This Help You? By Walking You Through The Excellence Roadmap.

Here’s what you’ll get out of the training:

  • How to handle any and every objection, delivered in bite-sized training materials so your team can focus on the one that’s impacting the dealership the most
  • Get your team and manager excited about selling cars in a way you’ve never seen before.
  • Set aside your concern about how internet pricing could be affecting your profits. Your in-house team will make up for that and more, with the skills, mindset training, and new level of customer satisfaction they’ll get from our methods that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • ​Have a team that masters the art of the “first sale” – selling themselves. Not as some “sleazy sales people” – but as the reliable, trustworthy source of support your customers are looking for when they walk in the door.
  • ​Instantly raise the reputation of your dealership with a refreshingly inspired and personable sales team that smiles authentically and fully engages your customers.
  • ​Even your bottom players will suddenly be able to generate consistent desire for the cars they’re showing, while your top players will start beating records you thought couldn’t be beat.
  • ​Never have to deal with hiring underperformers again. Receive full onboarding for new hires so they come in with the right mindset and skills to raise your bottom line & reduce turnover.
  • ​Your team will be fluent in creating win-win situations on the fly that get your customers excited about their deals.
  • ​And they’ll even stop fumbling in the trickiest situations, like when the customer says they want more for their trade-in. They’ll discover exactly how to turn that situation into a success for the customer, AND for the dealership.
  • ​Start getting more referrals and repeat customers than you’ve ever had before. Why spend more money on a marketing budget when you can have your customers become your lead generation force for free – out of loyalty and love for your new & improved sales team?
  • ​Each manager & sales person will discover exactly how I’ve grossed over 6 times the national average per vehicle retailed AND won awards for customer satisfaction at the same time.
  • ​Personal service from our team. We hold a limited number of spaces in our training to make sure every dealership gets the attention they deserve.
  • ​The satisfaction and security of knowing you won’t pay for this. Yes, you’ll buy it, but you won’t pay for it because your team will make it back with the first sale, and plenty more thereafter.

But That’s Not All – You Will ALSO Receive These Bonuses:

  • Get Your Hands on Our New Hire Roadmap – so you never have to worry about training competent, engaged new hires ever again
  • The Pregame Huddle Planner – helps your managers grow confidence & competence in conducting training without adding a bunch of extra work to their plate (because it’s done for them)
  • The Success Manual – in-house (printed) that your team will be excited to dig into for the quick references & training material they need to brush up on skills for the day or quickly correct an area of opportunity
  • ​Full Reporting & Tracking System – to use for coaching team members on their opportunities for growth.
  • ​Free Access to our Exclusive, Members’ Only Facebook Group – that’s a powerhouse for networking with other driven, like-minded dealerships
  • ​Your Own Personal Account Manager – We don’t set & forget your membership. Instead, we continue to help you maximize results over time.

And Here’s How It Works:

  • Receive 24/7 access to short, actionable training videos your managers & team can consume quickly on any device. It’s never been more convenient, fast, and easy to keep your sales team up to speed & help them improve their skills, your customers’ satisfaction, and your bottom line.
  • 15-20 minute daily, weekly, and monthly huddles to generate clarity, drive and excitement in your managers & team like a morning sales espresso. Watch them wake up to the dawn of new opportunities that they find in their careers with you.
  • Kick off each week with a Seek Excellence email at 6:00am that’s designed to get your team excited about their goals and opportunities in the week to come
  • ​Free access to our monthly live masterclasses,where we consistently share up-to-date training methods and improve on our own processes – to help you improve on yours
  • ​Daily emails that prep and motivate the team to get focused, gain clarity, set goals, and go achieve them

But this opportunity isn’t open to EVERY Dealership!


So, hop on a call with us to get your package and price for your dealership.

Everything in the Online Sales Training is incredibly powerful when you put it to use.

But what happens if you skip out on this opportunity?

Get Your Price Act Fast, Spots Are Genuinely Limited

Where will you be next year?

  • Still staring out at a floor of struggling sales reps, trying to decide which one to replace?
  • Still struggling in the middle or last place of your dealer group?
  • Still unsure about what to do with a management team that isn’t confident about training?
  • ​Still feeling lost like there’s no solution out there?

And what happens if you do take advantage of the limited-time availability on joining us before spots are filled?

Most likely, the same thing that’s happened with so many of my other clients:

  • Higher volume & gross
  • Lower turnover
  • Confidence and excitement everywhere you look on the floor
  • ​Happy customers who are paying higher prices!
  • ​Confident managers who are excited and ABLE to train!

What would this kind of experience be worth to you:

I ask because the Online Sales Training is designed to get you exactly that, and you start seeing results as soon as you start watching the short, quick videos.

And Remember…

We max out at 100 members. The slots will fill up!

So, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to have a team of sales pros!?

Get Your Price Act Fast, Spots Are Genuinely Limited

“David has a heart for people, a passion for success, and the desire and skill to teach. David’s training and leadership are giving us the tools to create excited, loyal, lifetime, customers and employees.”

Mike Lupoi – General Manager, Button CDJR

Rarely do you find a professional who’s true passion is the success of others. David’s training teaches other professionals that you can’t sell anyone unless you love everyone! I am a better manager and more efficient human being today because of David’s push for excellence!

Stephan Adams – Finance Manager, Tom Wood Volkswagen

David Lowe is the greatest Sales Coach – ever! Everyone needs a coach and a cheerleader. ASC has trained and motivated our sales force and most importantly – increased our bottom line. ASC is not an expense it’s an investment!!

Jim Skinner – General Sales Manager, Tom Roush Automotive

“David is hands down the best sales trainer I’ve ever been involved with in my 30 years in the car business. Most trainers say they can carry out actual change and improvement but in reality, they don’t or can’t. David has a proven track record of bottom line improvement and it’s significant. He is superior at not only sales training but also Leadership training, which to me is a “must have” factor for true improvement of the front line team. He also is a class individual with extremely high moral standards.”

Tim Carter
Operating Partner/GM RB Honda
Richmond, MN

“Quite possibly the best training sessions I’ve ever been a part of in 20 years it showed me also that I don’t know everything about selling. I’m building rapport with all my customers but sometimes struggle with closing by using your steps in trouble closing more this will get better.”


“We have seen improvements in our sales process, increase in gross profit and overall morale. David teaches our sales staff how to do the basics brilliantly in a process that creates customers for life… It has given us a new hunger for selling cars at a time when we thought we knew everything there was to know and I feel that he is going to take our store to the next level, from good to great.  Our stores have used several of the big trainers in our industry and I would say that David is by far the best value for your investment in your employees.”

Nick Dellen 

Dellen Automotive
“I love the energy and optimism that your training brought to our organization. I also like that your method encourages us to explore ways to personally improve.”
Sales Consultant

“I really love the natural flow of the selling process you have created, understanding the customers needs and letting them guide us.”

Tonnie Addison
Sales Consultant
“Fantastic training! I love the used car value story I saw immediate results with my customers on the second day of boot camp. The ASC process feels so natural to follow and put into practice.”

Matthew Grigsby
Sales Consultant
Automotive Sales Coach 2021