how to correct the 3 Biggest Mistakes your Desk Managers make

Your desk managers are making these mistakes right now.
They made them yesterday. They'll make them tomorrow.
It's costing you a fortune.

Guess What?

These mistakes are simple & fast to fix.

Give me just 38 minutes and I'll show you how.

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Our stores have used several of the big trainers in our industry and I would say that David is by far the best value for your investment in your employees. It has given us a new hunger for selling cars at a time when we thought we knew everything there was to know and he is taking our store to the next level, from good to great.

Nick Dellen


David has a heart for people, a passion for success, and the desire and skill to teach. David’s training and leadership are giving us the tools to create excited, loyal, lifetime, customers and employees.

Mike Lupoi

General Manager

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