Know the Why

Why is important to know your customer’s why?

The why is the fuel that drives actions.

The why is the motivation.

Their why is everything.

The why drives your buyer’s actions. When you find our their why, it also gives you insight into the who (family, work, & play). The why is the motivating factor – why now, why your dealership, why this car.

Learning to understand your buyer’s why is one part of becoming a master sales professional. Master sales professionals – regardless of the economy, market, or where they are working – can make a great living and take care of their family.

Go through your last few days, your last few deals, and ask yourself:

  • Are you asking your buyers about their why?
  • Are you seeking to understand their why?

The power, the fuel is in the why.
Seek the why.

The why is the key to relationship & trust, the key to selling that car today, the key to a first pencil close, the key to creating Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers.

Good Selling!