It’s Easier to Succeed than to Fail

“To succeed, try this suggestion for success: save 10%, give 10%, work 10% harder!”
S. Truett Cathy(founder and CEO of Chick-fil-A, Inc.)

It’s simple truths like this that have made Cathy and many other leaders successful. As you read this excerpt, you will notice two things.

First, you will notice the simplicity of the truths he shares. The principles of success are as simple as 1-2-3!

Second, you will notice you have heard it before. Cathy shares the very principles we have been studying in class.

Hopefully, by now, we are starting to understand that the principles of success have been written on the universe from the beginning and are available to all that “seek” them!

“Seek” is an action word. Jesus said, “seek, and you will find…” He didn’t say wait around or just sit there, and you will find; he said: “seek.” To “seek” requires decision and action… 

The following is taken directly from the introduction of Cathy’s book. I hope it inspires you in some additional way to take personal responsibility for your wherewithal and to ‘seek’ out that which will help you reach your God-given potential.

“God has built within us all a strong desire to be successful. Many times, in speaking to young people, I ask the question, “How many of you would like to be successful?” I have yet to hear the answer that they want to be flops.


But the conduct of many young people and adults make it seem though they purposely do things that hinder them from being successful. Some people “detest” work but all enjoy “accomplishments.”


Are you willing to make temporary sacrifices to receive greater dividends in the future?


I have learned through more than forty years of business experience these three keys to success that work for all people under every circumstance.


1     You have to want to succeed. You have to be willing to make a generous commitment of both time and energy.


2     You have to develop know-how. Merely putting time and energy into a project isn’t enough. You have to develop skills. Prepare yourself physically, mentally and intellectually through education.


3     Finally, you have to do it. Some people prepare themselves…but blow (it) because they don’t put into action what they have learned.”

Obviously, leaders and managers can also benefit from these simple truths. We all know a leadership position doesn’t make us a great leader. Great leaders aren’t born; they are made. Since nothing great ever just happens; we must all make a great effort to improve our ability to serve constantly. It is our moral obligation.

All the training materials I compile and create are the result of my personal time “seeking.” My personal deficiencies drive my constant search to understand and to live the principles of true success.

Fellow Seeker,

David  Lowe
The Automotive Sales Coach