Gross PVR

Gross PVR
Gross Per Vehicle Retail

Why is it important?
How does it impact your paycheck?
Should gross PVR be consistent or fluctuate?

Gross PVR is important because as a tracking metric it tells you:

  • If you’re following the Sales Process.
  • How well inventory is being managed.
  • The accuracy of the pricing.

Gross PVR does impact your paycheck.

However, salespeople, you are not paid on gross PVR. You are paid on Total Gross.

In other words:

The more cars you sell X Higher PVR = the more $$$ you make.

Your paycheck is a combination of your gross PVR and the number of units you sell.

Your gross PVR should be all over the place.
It should fluctuate wildly.


When there is a tough deal, short deal, you should still make the deal.
(Which will result in low, or even very low, gross PVR.)

When there is money to be made, CAPITALIZE ON IT!

Averages are made up of highs and lows.

Remember: Maximize every opportunity. Take every penny available to be made and move on.

Volume is not the enemy of gross.

Gross is not the enemy of volume.

The enemy of both gross and volume is not following your Sales Process. Follow the Sales Process in the Excellence Roadmap. Follow all of the steps of the sales, with every customer, every time. And you will have both gross and volume.

Good Selling!