How Often Does Your Team Hear...

"I Want $3,000 More For My Trade."

What Is Your Sales Team's Response?

Hint: The Wrong Answer Costs You Gross Profit and May Lose Your Deal!

90% of Sales People Say 1 of 4 Things Next:
  • 1
    Let me ask my manager
  • 2
    If I could, would you?
  • 3
    Let's split the difference
  • 4
    How did you come up with that?

Find out how each of these is costing you deals and gross.

Your trial course begins with a 37-minute introduction to Automotive Sales Coach training. Watch it with your team to get an overview of the thinking in the training and get real solutions to overcome "I Want More For My Trade." 

Then, each day during the trial, you'll receive short (15 minutes or less) lessons from our proven, principle-based sales process and tools you can use to improve your team's negotiating skills. You'll also get our proven methods to:

  • Avoid the costly trap of discount negotiating
  • Double your first pencil close percentage.
  • check
    Protect relationship and rapport with your buyers to build more repeat and referral business.
  • Build confidence and job satisfaction for your team.
  • check
    Build a highly cohesive and supportive team dynamic.


David Lowe

Automotive Sales Coach

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