Customer Satisfaction Scores


Your CEI / CSI scores are extremely important to your dealership. It impacts how
your manufacturers incentivize the dealership.

However, these scores rarely give a true picture of your buyer’s satisfaction.

The true measure of buyer satisfaction is through their repeat and referral business. Your true buyer satisfaction level shows when they become an Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customer (ELLC). You build ELLCs through your Sales Process.

But, your CEI/CSI scores are also important. It is up to you to score well.

Tips to improve your CEI/CSI scores:

  1. The more surveys you have returned, the higher your score.
    How do you get buyers to return surveys?
    You ask your buyer to do it.
  2. Explain the scoring system to every buyer.
    Buyers need to know only a 10 is a 10.

Pro Tip:

Show buyers a laminated copy of the survey. Let them know it is very important to fill out and return. Explain to buyers that only a 10 is a passing score. Let them know that your manufacturer views everything else as a failing score.

Ask your buyer if there is any place on the survey they are not comfortable
giving you a 10. If the answer is “yes”, ask what you can do,
what you can correct, to make it a 10.

How can people give you the right score is they don’t know what the right score is?

Good Selling!