Can You Sell Cars Without Trained Sales Personnel And A Sales Process?

Of course! Cars are being sold every day by untrained sales personnel and without the consistent use of a strategic sales process.

People want new cars and will buy them regardless of what we do!

The manufacturer creates a market that drives people into our dealerships. If we don’t upset them, they will buy. If we have the right used car, in the right condition, priced right, it will sell regardless of our people or processes.

Many salespeople are selling cars because of their contagious personalities.

They are naturally strong communicators. Unfortunately, without the proper training, these naturally gifted sales professionals may never reach their full potential.

The ASC sales process training is NOT about selling cars.

It is about selling more cars, creating more gross profit and making more money! It’s about creating your business within the dealership by building a bank of loyal lifetime customers that return again and again. It’s about reducing turnover by selling in a way that develops your team and makes them feel good about their profession.

  • Sell more Cars
  • Create More Gross Profit
  • Build a bank of excited, loyal lifetime customers and employees

Your most accessible dealership growth lies in new car gross and used car profitability!

Low gross profit has become an epidemic in our industry. Many blame the Internet; others blame their competitors. Some blame manufacturer’s pricing strategies. Although these all play some role in our profitability, the hard truth is that we get what we deserve in life.

It is easy to understand why gross profit is so low.

Most salespeople have never been trained and therefore do not know how to:

  • Build relationships that create trust.
  • Sell the value in the dealership, its people and their vehicles.
  • Negotiate and close to maximize closing % and gross PVR.
Without the proper training, sales personnel are often left to rely on the discounts to make the deal.

When we use discounting as a closing tool:

  • We walk customers that we could have sold.
  • We sell too many cars at invoice or below.
  • We overpay for trades to put deals together.
  • We sell premium, limited-supply vehicles for low grosses.

Better people doing things better create better results!

“To change our results, we must first change our thinking and then our actions.
Results are the intersection of Knowledge (thinking), Skill and Action!” –
Steven Covey

Better people:

To become better, people need better thinking. Many fail to live into their full God-given capacity simply because they don’t know what to do. They don’t have an accurate model of success or abundance! ASC provides that success model. ASC teaches sales professionals the principles of success, develops their selling skills and gives them a proven path to follow. With new skills, your sales professional’s confidence, ability, and commitment to their profession develops and grows.

“A man who is trained to his peak capacity will gain confidence. Confidence is contagious and so is lack of confidence and the customer will recognize both.” – Lombardi

Doing things better:

The right actions repeated, create the right results. The opposite is also true. To win the game we need a winning game plan. ASC gives Sales Professionals that winning game plan. ASC’s proven training and processes were created over more than 30 years using the best of the best people, principles, and practices.

“We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

Create better results:

Skilled people following proven processes will produce much more than untrained people without a successful plan.

With ASC Training and Sales Processes, you will get better results:

  • Create Trust in the sales personnel and dealership through relationship.
  • Create Desire for your vehicles and to do business with your dealership.
  • Create Value in our vehicles and Value in the dealership.

Trust, Desire, and Value translate into bankable results:

  • Increased closing %.
  • Increased Gross PVR (new and used).
  • Increased real customer and employee satisfaction.

How will your people react to new training and processes?

We know people fear change.

In truth, we do not come in to change what you are doing but add to what you already do. For example, you are already negotiating with customers; we simply add successful closing processes and principles to increase your profitability!

Training is presented in a fast-paced, passionate and entertaining style that will fully engage your sales team.

Most will quickly see how the thinking and training provided will make them better. We believe most Sales Professionals want to improve their abilities!

“Inside me burns a flame which has been passed down from generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better than I am, and I will.”  – Scroll IV The Greatest Salesman in the World

I am a career automobile professional who admittedly has made every mistake at least once.

We will not talk down to your people! My team and I are here to encourage your people through the trials we have also faced and understand.

Once we show them how these principles can improve their performance, their hunger for knowledge and excellence will naturally grow!

ASC training helps new salespeople.

It gives them a proven success model and a clear path to follow. This will help many succeed that would otherwise fail. It also gives them a fast start on their new career!

Training is designed to improve existing salespeople’s performance and gross:

ASC’s real impact will be immediately realized through your existing sales staff.

Your current staff has many of the basic skills and understanding of how things work, the additional tools ASC provides will help them close a higher percentage of opportunities and greatly impact their desire and ability to create more gross.

Your team’s increased gross covers the cost of training tenfold!

The following chart shows the effect of this training on existing Sales Professionals. It depicts the growth of the 4 Consultants I inherited in 2008. You not only see the immediate jump in gross (2009) but also see the continued growth even after VWs new pricing structure greatly reduced dealer markup in 2011!

ASC training helps you ensure that:

  • You have a Sales Plan to increase Sales and Gross.
  • Your People know the Plan.
  • Your People believe in the Plan.

Positive effects that ASC training has on you and your team:

  • Focus improves.
  • Commitment improves.
  • Confidence grows.
  • Attitudes improve.
  • Work ethic improves.

Improved Sales Skills include: (partial list)

  • Schedule appointments professionally for higher success and increased show-rates.
  • Tell a good dealership and value story.
  • Ask better interview questions.
  • Give a better personalized vehicle presentations.
  • Secure a rock-solid commitment to buy with a unique and extremely effective Trial Close.
  • Overcome common objections.
  • Confidently present numbers and ask for the deal.
  • Negotiate and close for maximize gross.
  • Get customer commitment on numbers.
  • Make professional follow up calls and secure repeat business and referrals