Buyer’s Bell Curve

Use the law of averages (& your Sales Process) to maximize your closing %.

10% of buyers will buy regardless of what you do.

10% of buyers will not buy regardless of what you do.

80% of buyers you can positively impact by using your Sales Process.

A word of caution…

Don’t let the 10% of buyers who will buy regardless of what you do give you
a false sense of security (that you don’t need to follow your Sales Process).

Don’t let the 10% of buyers who will just not buy dictate how you handle the majority
(you will end up lowering your gross, undervaluing trades, etc.).

DO NOT change your thinking or your process because of these people.

The Sales Process you study every day on the Excellence Roadmap is designed for the 80%.
It is designed to maximize your results with the buyers you can influence.

What you do, and how well you do it, with the 80% determines your results.
Following the Sales Process with 100% of your customers will lead to increased
closing %, increased gross PVR, decreased overpaying for trades.

You will build a bank of Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers
who give you repeat and referral business.

Every buyer deserves your 100%.
Every buyer deserves your excellence.

Play to win today and every day.

Good Selling!