I’ve Got A Better Price

“I’ve got a better price.”
“I’ve got your price beat.”

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times from your customers. It often seems like everyone who walks on to your lot has found a better price somewhere else.

What do you do?Where does this magical (often mythical) better price come from?

At this point in the sale, you do not know if your buyer is lying to you. You don’t know how other dealerships present their numbers.

So, what do you do? How do you handle the situation?

How you respond is everything.

It determines if you move the sale forward or if you kill the deal.

This is why your training is so important…use your training…use the Re-Sell/Re-Ask step in our Five Steps of Negotiation. It will refocus your buyer’s attention on the car they want to buy. From you. Today.

Watch today’s video for more tips on how to handle a customer telling you they have a better price from somewhere else.

Good Selling!

3 Keys to Success

Success is simple, not easy.

I’ve been studying success and excellence for decades – the theories, the principles, the thoughts, the steps. You can go back thousands of years to Solomon. You can look at what Steven Covey wrote over 20 years ago. You can read the latest best-seller.

Guess what?

They are essentially the same. The principles for success, the steps to achieve excellence, are universal. I really like how Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-Fil-A, breaks success into three simple steps.

The 3 Keys to Success:

  1. Desire and Drive
  2. Develop the Know-How
  3. Take Daily Action

Key 1: Desire and Drive

Your desire and drive are measured by your time and energy. You can’t just talk about it. You have to follow it up with action.

Are you spending the time and energy it takes to be excellent?

Key 2: Develop the Know-How

If you want to live with excellence, if you want to be a success in anything in life, you have to know how to be a success.

You learn how to be a success in any endeavor by studying success models. Find experts in that area, study what they do, and improve on it. Coach Vince Lombardi, in his Lombardi 5, describes it this way:

  1. Know what to do.
    What do you do every day, every time?
  2. Know why you do it. You have to believe and understand your why before you take action.
    What is your motivation?
    Why is it important?
  3. Know how to do it well.
    Who is already doing what you want to do, and doing it with excellence?
    Study them. Learn from them.
  4. Develop the skill.
    Practice and repetition is the only way to develop skill in anything.
  5. Take action. You have to do it.
    Repeated, daily action is your key to success.

Key 3: Take Daily Action

Taking daily action is also called diligence. Your commitment to success cannot be driven by your feelings. You have to take action each and every day, regardless of how you feel.

Living with excellence is simple, not easy. If you apply these three keys to your profession, to any area of your life, you will become better and better. You will live with excellence and success. You will be a benefit to others.

You have to decide. Most people say they want success. Most people say they want to live with excellence. Most people want it, but they don’t want to work for it.

What about you?

Here’s my challenge to you…

Make the choice to seek excellence today. Make the choice to work for it.

Good Selling!

Working Numbers On Two Cars

What usually happens when you work numbers on two
different cars with the same buyer?

Your buyer usually “has to think about it“.

Why is that?

It is usually because your buyer is not committed to either car.
It is because you did not secure a today commitment
during your 4 step Trial Close.

During Sale Two, Sell the Car, compare both cars. Comparing
the cars side-by-side gets your buyer to make a choice and a commitment.

You need to do this before presenting numbers during Sale Three, Sell the Deal.

What is Excellence?

What would change in your life if you made the daily decision to live with excellence?

It would probably be pretty great to live each day with excellence, to live a life of excellence. We can all agree on that, right?

So the question is…

What is excellence?

When I talk about excellence the definition I use is…

Excellence is doing everything you do with your whole heart and your whole might.

Excellence is a habit. Do your best every day and constantly strive to be better.

Excellence is personal. You cannot measure yourself against others to determine if you are living with excellence. Everyone is given a different set of gifts. You need to focus on being the best you can be.

Excellence is not perfection. Excellence is doing everything with your whole heart. You will have joy, peace, and satisfaction in life when you are pursuing your best self.

Excellence is a decision. To be excellent, you have to make the decision to pursue excellence. You have to make the decision to live with excellence. You have to make these decisions every day.

Watch today’s video to learn more about excellence.

Good Selling!

Avoiding Winter Slowdown

How do you, and your sales totals, survive and even thrive this time of year?

I’ll tell you how. Action. Action causes action.

Be careful what you say and think to yourself.
It will drive your actions and, ultimately, your results.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before…

You cannot sell cars during the holidays.
November, December, and January will be your slowest months.

Guess what, that is absolutely not true.

Your sales are up to you.
Your sales totals, your monthly income is determined by your actions.
Do not just sit around and wait for things to happen.

Salespeople: If customers are not walking on to your lot, take action to make sales happen. Grab the list of your last 90 days of ups and opportunities. Grab your list of expiring leases. Make calls. Schedule appointments. Look for repeats and referrals.

Managers: Your store totals are the accumulation of all of your salespeople. If every salesperson is concerned about doing the right things to make a living every month, your store will have a great month. Coach, lead, and inspire your team to take action.

No matter what the market conditions, you are the master of your results. Watch the video below and avoid the thinking that sales are slow during the holiday season.

Make the winter months your best months.

Good Selling!

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Part Four

Your thinking drives your actions which determines your results.

Today we’re concluding our series on The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.

Each of the 10 scrolls is a five-minute read. You can use them as needed throughout your week. It’s an awesome way to make sure your thinking is where you want it to be.

Scroll Eight: I Will Multiply My Value A Hundredfold

“I will do the work the failure will not do. I will always raise my goals as soon as the last one is obtained.”

Og Mandino
The Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll Eight

In order to be better today than you were yesterday, you have to do more today than you
did yesterday. Your life and what you do has the amazing capacity to ripple into so many peoples’ lives.

You choose what you do. What you do determines your value to and impact on others.

What do you choose?

Scroll Nine: I Will Act Now

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll Nine

Scroll Nine is a scroll of action. You have to make the daily decision to act.

Consistent action is what separates the awesome from the average.

Every day when you wake up, make the decision to act. This decision cannot happen once. It can’t happen once in a while. It has to happen day in and day out.

Excellence is found in the consistency of your daily decision to act.

Scroll Ten: I Will Pray For Guidance

We all live in a powerful,
huge universe. When you
pray and ask for guidance,
what you (what we all) want
is to do well, to live well, and
to be a benefit to others.

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll Ten

I hope you’ve enjoyed and found value in our journey through Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World. I just want to leave you with the following…

What do you want to be?

Go for it.

It takes constant seeking to find what you are looking for.

Sell 5-12 More Cars A Month

All you need is this one simple shift.

And the simple shift is in your thinking.

“How many calls (or texts or emails) should I make every day?”

I get this question all of the time. But this is not the best question to ask.

Here’s the key:
Don’t think about how many calls you need to make.
Think about why you are making the calls.

What are the results you want to achieve? If your goal is to schedule one future appointment each day (and this should be your minimum goal), then the answer to the question of “how many calls should I make” is however many it takes.

If you schedule one future appointment a day, you
will sell 5 – 12 more cars
every month.

Think about what that
will do for your paycheck.

This shift in your thinking is the difference in being task-oriented or results-oriented.

The task is the call. The result is why you are making the call. So, why are you making the call?
Are you making the call to check off an item on your to-do list? Because someone, somewhere told you to make X number of calls a day? If you remain focused on the task, you will never achieve the result.

If your goal is focused on the result, if your goal is to set one future appointment a day, you will schedule 22 appointments a month. This will result in selling 5-12 more cars each month.

So, don’t think about how many calls you need to make.
Think about why you are making the calls.

Every day seek to hit your desired result.

Do whatever it takes to get it done.

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Part Three

Today we’re covering Scrolls Five, Six, and Seven. Remember, nothing great ever just happens. You have to make it happen. The results you want, excellent results, start with excellent thinking.

If you want to change your thinking and if you want to develop the thinking that drives excellent results, spend time daily reading and studying the principles in these scrolls.

Scroll Five: I Will Greet This Day As If It Is My Last

What should you do with today?

What do you want to accomplish today?

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll Five

If you want to make the most of today,
keep moving forward.

Avoid those killers of time that you already know.

Take action.

Avoid people who are standing around talking about what they can’t accomplish
while you go out and accomplish it.

Scroll Six: I’ll Be The Master Of My Emotions

“How do I master my emotions so that each day I will be productive? For unless my mood is right the day will be a failure”

Og Mandino
The Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll Six

Excellence is not perfection.
Excellence is the pursuit of perfection.

In the pursuit of excellence, you will stumble (sometimes often). Not every day will be perfect.

Make a decision every day to take control of your emotions. Daily preparation, planning, and learning something new will help you prepare your emotions for the day.

Scroll Seven: I Will Laugh At The World

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll Seven

Laughter is a powerful tool.
It helps you put things into
Laughter is one of life’s best gifts.
It will make you feel better
and make you more of a
benefit to others.

Stay tuned. Next week we wrap up our series on Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World.

Salespeople, Get Control of Your Buyers using Rigid Flexibility

And learn the one thing you should
NEVER do during the sale.

Selling is about connecting, leading, and closing.

Sometimes buyer’s questions or actions derail your sales process. To keep your buyers moving forward and to get the sale back on track, use rigid flexibility.

Rigid flexibility allows you to be flexible about the order you proceed through the sales process but rigid with sticking to your proven process.

Watch this video.

You will learn how to maintain control of the sale, and the one thing you should never
(ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever)
do during your sales process.

If you want to close the deal and make the sale, you have to connect with your buyers. You have to lead your buyers through the sales process and have confidence in your process.

When you tell your buyer to follow you, they will follow you.

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Part Two

Learn the thinking and habits that drive success.

Today, we’re going to jump right into Scrolls Two, Three, and Four from The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. Each of these 10 scrolls contains basic principles that drive success. If you spend as little as 10-15 minutes a day reading and studying these scrolls, it will impact your thinking. You will replace your old thinking and habits with the thinking and habits that drive success.

Scroll Two: I Will Greet This Day With Love In My Heart

Love is a foundational attitude and habit. Working in sales, in customer service, you deal with people (with all types of people) all the time. Focusing on this scroll, on love, lets you lift your buyers up. It gives you an advantage.

If you have an attitude and habit of love, your buyers will feel comfortable with you, trust you, and listen to you.

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll Two

Scroll Three: I Will Persist Until I Succeed

The Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll Three

I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and I will keep my eyes on my goals above my head for I know where dry desert ends green grass grows.

– Og Mandino

How you think about success and about failure is very important. You have to have the right mindset. How you think determines how you act. How you act determines your results.

When you get up and try, try again, you trust that the right actions, repeated, will produce the right results.

In other words, quit looking at the things that are keeping you from succeeding and keep your eyes focused on your goals.

Scroll Four: I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle

There burns a flame inside all of us which has been passed from generation to generations uncounted and its heat is a constant irritation to my spirit to become better that I am

– Og Mandino
The Greatest Salesman in the World, Scroll Four

The way you think about yourself is critically important. If you see that you’re created with unlimited potential, you will keep moving forward

Scroll Four reminds us that we are all individuals. We are all alike, but we’re all different, and we all have one thing in common…

Maybe your flame has been dulled over time, Maybe other people have dulled your flame and limited your potential. Today, I want to free you up to say you are nature’s greatest miracle.

You are one of a kind.

You have unlimited potential.

Next week, we cover Scrolls Five, Six, and Seven.