Set Clear & High Expectations For Yourself

    Your expectations create your reality.

    Expect a lot, get a lot.

    Expect little, get little.

    The first pillar of leadership is to lead by example.

    The second pillar of leadership is to set clear and high expectations.

    As a leader, you set clear and high expectations for others.

    What kind of expectations do you set for yourself?
    Are you setting clear and high expectations for your life?
    Are you asking yourself if you are living life to its fullest?
    Are you living to your values?

    Set clear and high expectations for yourself and you will live abundantly.

    Good Selling!

    Why Do We Name The Steps Of The Sale?

      You’re a professional.
      It’s important for you to understand the job you have been given to do.

      So why did I name the steps of the sale? I named the steps of the sale for the same reason that streets have names.

      Names allow you to easily go from A to Z. Names allow you to effortlessly go from where you are to where you want to go. Names allow your whole team to be on the same page, to speak the same language.

      Know the names of each of the 4 sales.
      Know the names of each of the 12 steps in the sales process.
      Know the names of each part of each step.

      Knowing the names gives you a competitive advantage.
      Now it’s up to you to use it and apply it.

      Learn what you need to know to work with excellence every day.

      Good Selling!

      Attention – The Rarest & Purest Form of Generosity

        In today’s world, it often seems like no one is really paying attention – that no one is really listening.

        I’m always trying to learn and pick up ways of saying things and I heard someone say this recently, “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”

        Let’s talk about that today because it’s really important to understand and practice this habit of paying attention.

        People that are paying attention ask good, clarifying questions because they are giving you the generosity of their attention (to truly understand and be a benefit to you).

        Judge a man
        by his questions
        rather than
        by his answers.

        – Voltaire

        What distracts you from paying attention?

        What does distraction cost you?

        • It costs you relationships, both professionally and personally.
          This is a heavy price to pay for not paying attention.
        • It costs you productivity.

        What distractions can you eliminate?

        If you love and care about people and if you love and care about your job, give your attention to what you are working on and the people you are working with.

        Good Selling!

        Personalize Your Workspace

          What is one of the easiest ways to build
          relationship and rapport with your buyers?

          Personalize your workspace.

          Why does this work?

          When customers see pictures of your kids or your pets, they often ask you
          questions about them. When your customers ask you questions,
          what they are really saying is:
          I have kids/pets too. Ask me about them.

          What buyers are really trying to do is tell you about themselves (by asking about you).

          This helps you build relationship and rapport with your buyers. You build that comfort zone that helps your buyers feel more comfortable as you guide them through the Sales Process.

          What are you doing to help your buyers reach out to you and establish that relationship?

          What are you doing to help your customers feel comfortable
          and know you are a person just like them?

          What are you doing to become the person they go to whenever they need
          a car or they need help with their car?

          Good Selling!

          One Learns Most When Teaching Others

            This is also called proactive training.

            When learning a new skill, it helps to take notes and review those notes. To really cement your learning, tell someone else what you learned.

            Every time you take time out to show someone else, you get something back.

            You get better!

            If you see someone struggling, help them. Show them a way to get better.
            You will become more impactful at your job.
            The more you give, the more you get.

            Take on a mentality of abundance.

            Good Selling!

            PS: Managers – You can supplement the Excellence Roadmap online training. Use your daily planners to facilitate discussions with your team about that day’s training videos. Pass out the weekly quizzes and review the answers with your team. It helps your team get better (and your knowledge also improves).

            Reminder: The daily planners and quizzes are emailed to you each week. You can also find them on the Excellence Roadmap under Manager Accelerator – Resource Downloads.

            Holding Cars

              Should you hold a car for a customer?

              The short answer is no.

              Holding a car is giving your customer the chance to shop around. Holding a car is not gaining a commitment from your customer to buy the car. Taking a check is the same thing. That check is actually meaningless.

              What should you do instead?

              Use your Today Trial Close to get a commitment to buy from your customer.

              Take deposits when your customer cannot be there to pick up the car. Do not take holds thinking it is giving you some kind of commitment.

              A hold is not a commitment at all.

              Good Selling!

              *Make sure you know your dealership’s policy on holds and deposits.*

              7 Keys to Professional Excellence

                What does it mean to seek excellence professionally?

                You know that to be excellent in any area of your life you have to focus on the

                5 Areas of Personal Responsibility:

                1. Attitude – Have a professional and winning attitude.
                2. Knowledge – Know what to do, why to do it, and how to do it well.
                3. Skill – Practice over & over until your actions and reactions become instinct.
                4. Action – Make sure your actions match the high values and expectations
                  you set for yourself.
                5. Results – Give everything you have, every day, to obtain excellent results.

                How can you seek excellence in your professional life?

                Watch today’s video and learn the 7 Keys to Professional Success.

                ASC’s 7 Keys to Sales Excellence

                1. Develop and maintain the right thinking and habits.
                2. Master the sales principles and the Sales Process.
                3. Master the key selling skills:
                  – Active Listening
                  – Overcoming Objections
                  – Building Relationship & Rapport
                  – Closing & Negotiating
                4. Be a dealership ambassador.
                5. Be a product expert.
                6. Follow up daily to create Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers.
                7. Take personal responsibility for your continued education, development, wherewithal, and excellence.

                Define what excellence looks like for your job.

                In any job you do, do it with excellence.

                Good Selling!

                Don’t Give Advice, Give Options

                  Why should you always give customers options but never give them advice?

                  Sometimes salespeople feel compelled to give their customers advice.
                  Guess what?
                  Giving advice can cost you deals and money.


                  When you give advice, you eliminate options.
                  If your customer is not sold on the advice, you make it impossible
                  for them to say “yes” to the thing you told them not to do.

                  Don’t give your customers advice, give them options.

                  Good Selling!

                  Knowledge v. Wisdom

                    What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?

                    How does knowing this difference impact your sales and commission?

                    Knowledge is knowing what to do, how to do it, and maybe even being able to do it.

                    Wisdom is actually doing it.

                    Wisdom is knowledge applied.

                    You can have all of the knowledge in the world but not apply it. If you do not use the knowledge you have, you are shortcutting yourself and your career.

                    Sometimes this is harder to do than to say. But if you know how to do something and you know it is going to be a benefit (to you or to others), why not commit to doing it every day?

                    So, apply your knowledge today. Be wise.

                    Good Selling!

                    Selling to Friends & Family

                      Do you treat your friends and family different than you treat your other buyers?

                      Do you ever wonder why your family and friends go someplace else to buy their cars?

                      It’s because you do treat your friends and family different than you do other customers.

                      It’s easy to do. You already have relationship and trust. It’s easy to go from “Hello” to presenting numbers when a close friend or relative walks onto the lot.

                      Don’t shortchange them. Your friends, your family deserve more.

                      Walk them through the same Sales Process you go through with every buyer. They have the same three fears all buyers have. They need to feel comfortable saying “yes” to the car.

                      Treat your friends and family with the level of respect they deserve
                      and follow your Sales Process.

                      Good Selling!