Mandino’s Scroll Four – I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle

We continue discussion of the Ten Scrolls from the Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino…

David Lowe discusses The Scroll Marked Four, I Am Nature’s Greatest Miracle.

Scroll One – I Will Form Good Habits

Today, David Lowe discusses the importance of developing good habits and becoming their slave. In addition to reading and studying the scroll itself, David recommends an exercise to identify the habits that will best help you reach your goals.

Talent vs. Skill: the truth behind today’s shrinking gross P.V.R.

“The separation of talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel…Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.” – Will Smith

Today’s low gross P.V.R. is not market driven, its skill driven.

There has always been fierce dealership competition; and yes, some consumer Internet tools limit gross on some deals. When I started selling, cars misinformation or lack of information had the same effect. Fortunately,  most shoppers today do not believe we pay $3000 for the $7990 new escorts like they did in 1986!

Unfortunately, most talented Sales Consultants and Managers have never been trained to build desire and value or to close for both maximum closing % and gross P.V.R.
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Can You Sell Cars Without Trained Sales Personnel And A Sales Process?

Of course! Cars are being sold every day by untrained sales personnel and without the consistent use of a strategic sales process.

People want new cars and will buy them regardless of what we do!

The manufacturer creates a market that drives people into our dealerships. If we don’t upset them, they will buy. If we have the right used car, in the right condition, priced right, it will sell regardless of our people or processes.

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It’s Easier to Succeed than to Fail

“To succeed, try this suggestion for success: save 10%, give 10%, work 10% harder!”
S. Truett Cathy(founder and CEO of Chick-fil-A, Inc.)

It’s simple truths like this that have made Cathy and many other leaders successful. As you read this excerpt, you will notice two things.

First, you will notice the simplicity of the truths he shares. The principles of success are as simple as 1-2-3!

Second, you will notice you have heard it before. Cathy shares the very principles we have been studying in class.

Hopefully, by now, we are starting to understand that the principles of success have been written on the universe from the beginning and are available to all that “seek” them!

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Excellence and Joy

On Thanksgiving Day, 2015, the Green Bay Packers retired Bret Favre’s #4 Jersey. As a Bear fan, I have no love for Favre. He has broken my heart on more than one occasion. Even so, I have always thought of him as one of the greatest football players that ever played. He played the game with Excellence and Joy. During the interview that followed, he said, “I wanted to be the best. You gotta work hard and you gotta believe.” That’s the cry of Excellence!

Excellence is its own Reward. It has been said, “Do what you do better than anyone else and you will never have to worry about money.”  In other words, Excellence (not money or position) is the goal.

Money and position naturally fall to the excellent. Excellence also provides a reward much more valuable than money or position. Excellence creates a healthy pride, purpose, and joy. This is the driving, intrinsic, motivating force that sets people and business apart.

I would argue this satisfaction is what most of us truly desire. Money, position, and power often feel empty or purposeless without the sense of living up to our true potential for excellence.

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Your Toughest Opponent!

“See this guy staring at you,  that’s the toughest opponent you’re ever going to have to face. I believe that’s true in the ring and in life.” 

With powerful simplicity, Rocky Balboa delivers a timeless success principle: who we are and how we think determines our outcomes.

We all struggle with ourselves, with self-mastery. Excellence isn’t an event, it’s a lifestyle!

As 2017 approaches it is a good time to take an honest look at ourselves in self-examination. Are we the person we want to be? What areas are we excelling in? What areas are holding us back?  What are the areas we should improve on to be more effective at work, at home, at life?

To get started, set aside some time to weigh your opportunities. One idea is to use a modified Ben Franklin Pro and Con Close on ourselves. On one side list the areas you feel you are excellent (not perfect ) that you want to continue. On the other side list the areas of opportunity.  These are the areas that if we improved would positively and powerfully impact our personal and professional lives.

If we are honest we all know the areas we haven’t surrendered, the areas that are holding us back. List them.  Determine the most jugular opportunities and use the Vision-Decision-Action process to motivate yourself to make the adjustments you need to become better, day by day!

Over the next few weeks, I will be sending you some ideas for thought to help prepare us to be our best selves in 2017!

  • Excellence in health.
  • Excellence in personal organization.
  • Excellence in continuous improvement.

Remember, nothing great ever just happens!

Good Selling

3 Reasons To Buy Now!

When I first started selling cars in 1986 I was given this advice, “Always have 3 reasons why your customer should buy today!” Sound advice.

These types of “logic” statements do help reassure buyers that they are making the right (and smart) decision at the right time!

Most of these reasons to buy now flow from these 3 leverage points:

  • Selection (car)
  • Incentives (deals)
  • Trade (condition and value)

From these, you can customize several key selling points to reassure any buyer that, “now is the right time.”

These types of sales tools are very useful but they are based on us telling them why they should buy.

Our most powerful approach lies in helping our buyer tell us why they want to buy!

People DO NOT want to be sold!

We know most people don’t like to be sold (or told for that matter). The idea then is to have them tell you why they want to buy and why they are here now… to sell themselves!

The beautiful thing is they almost always will sell themselves if we simply ask good questions and actively listen!

The WHYS are their real buying motives. More powerful than any statement we could make. These are the true motivators that brought them in. The WHYS provide us the facts and emotions we need to help our buyers feel confident about making a purchase decision today.

This psychology is woven throughout the entire ASC Sales Process. The Understand Goals step will help you build trust through professional relationship. This allows your buyer to freely discuss not only what they want but WHY they want it. WHY they are looking to buy now. WHY they no longer want their old car and WHY they came to us!

As they share these WHYS (buying motives) with us their confidence in their decision naturally grows.

Our entire sales process continues to reinforce their WHY as we do a Silent Appraisal with them, Select the right car and Explore how the car will improve their quality of life (fit their buying motives)!

“I’m NOT Sold Yet!”

Most purchase delays are not really about timing, they are about commitment! They are simply not COMPLETELY sold yet! People buy when they are confident in their decision. Their desire (and value) for the car must outweigh their buying fears!

They are a buyer and we are a finalist!

Remember, they came to you. They are here for a reason and they are here NOW for a reason.

Want to close the deal today? Slow down, follow your process and focus on the WHY!

Good Selling!

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