Oh! So Close!

That's one of the most common responses. Watch this quick video and see if you change your mind...

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The #1 Negotiating Mistake is Negotiating With an Uncommitted Buyer!

The most important skill to master in our sales process first (even before negotiating and closing) is the Trial Close. My students call this 4-step approach the "Velvet Hammer" because it's so conversational, natural, and effective! 

I want you to see for yourself how powerful this method is, so I'm making it ridiculously easy to jump in today!

This is by far the best sales training for any level of a sales career. The videos don't take up a lot of your day and they don't rely a bunch of fake sounding word tracks.

Leann H.

Sales Consultant

The best training format I have seen in the 40 years I have been in sales

Dennis A.


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