All Businesses Are Based On Relationships

All businesses are built on relationships – especially sales and service.

You have to build relationship and trust with your customers. Their perception of you, your dealership, your service team comes from the strength of your relationship.

Even if you make the sale, if you do not build relationship, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Your goal is to sell more cars and to make a fair profit. But you also want to build a bank of Excited, Loyal, Lifetime Customers. To do that requires a relationship. A foundation for building relationships is active listening.

When you show interest in people, when you listen to them, they will automatically like you more. This is how you create the strong relationships that are essential to building your business.

Find out about your buyer’s motives. Find out their why (their motivation for buying the car).

Do this and you will establish a natural relationship that turns your buyers
into lifelong customers.

Good Selling!