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About David Lowe

David Lowe is the Founder and President of Automotive Sales Coach.

As a life-long automotive professional and student of excellence, David has spent his career studying what the best of the best do daily and applying that knowledge with principle-based sales processes and tools to improve sales and management skills at dealerships across the United States.

His training is built on two major success principles:

  1. Improving results can only happen by improving people and processes.
  2. It starts at the top - managing, coaching and leading better is key to
    overcoming obstacles and maximizing opportunities.

David uses a ‘Google Map’ approach to guide students to excellence. This makes learning what the best of the best do easy to understand.

  1. He tells them what they need to do to work with excellence - knowledge.
  2. He makes sure they understand why it is important and why it is effective - belief.
  3. He shows students how to do it well - success models.
  4. He teaches students how to turn knowledge into skill and art - skill.
  5. He builds accountability into his system - action.

David’s ultimate goal is to use his unique thinking, training, and tools to inspire today’s sales
professionals to become Students of Excellence. As students, they take personal
responsibility for their attitudes, knowledge, skills, action and ultimately results and unlock
their full God-given potential. When students “seek” excellence and commit to being better
today then yesterday they live with joy, peace, and satisfaction.

The result is the competence, confidence, consistency, and commitment that create more
sales, more gross, less trade water, higher CSI and reduced turnover.

Career Highlights

1996-1998 Sales Consultant
1988-1994 Award-winning GSM of a mid-sized Ford Dealership at age 23.
1996-1998 Nationwide trainer with the HAC group at age 30.
1998-2005 Owner and operator of an independent used car dealership.
2013 Diamond Pin award winner, VW’s highest honor. (only 5 nationwide)
2014-present: Full time in-house and online training for dozens of individual dealerships,
dealer groups, F & I product providers, and industry trade organizations.

David’s dealer body is growing every month. His Excellence Roadmap online training system is simple, effective and affordable. The Excellence Roadmap online “college” makes it possible for any dealer that wants world-class training to make it a part of their dealership’s culture of excellence and continual improvement.