3 Reasons To Buy Now!

When I first started selling cars in 1986 I was given this advice, “Always have 3 reasons why your customer should buy today!” Sound advice.

These types of “logic” statements do help reassure buyers that they are making the right (and smart) decision at the right time!

Most of these reasons to buy now flow from these 3 leverage points:

  • Selection (car)
  • Incentives (deals)
  • Trade (condition and value)

From these, you can customize several key selling points to reassure any buyer that, “now is the right time.”

These types of sales tools are very useful but they are based on us telling them why they should buy.

Our most powerful approach lies in helping our buyer tell us why they want to buy!

People DO NOT want to be sold!

We know most people don’t like to be sold (or told for that matter). The idea then is to have them tell you why they want to buy and why they are here now… to sell themselves!

The beautiful thing is they almost always will sell themselves if we simply ask good questions and actively listen!

The WHYS are their real buying motives. More powerful than any statement we could make. These are the true motivators that brought them in. The WHYS provide us the facts and emotions we need to help our buyers feel confident about making a purchase decision today.

This psychology is woven throughout the entire ASC Sales Process. The Understand Goals step will help you build trust through professional relationship. This allows your buyer to freely discuss not only what they want but WHY they want it. WHY they are looking to buy now. WHY they no longer want their old car and WHY they came to us!

As they share these WHYS (buying motives) with us their confidence in their decision naturally grows.

Our entire sales process continues to reinforce their WHY as we do a Silent Appraisal with them, Select the right car and Explore how the car will improve their quality of life (fit their buying motives)!

“I’m NOT Sold Yet!”

Most purchase delays are not really about timing, they are about commitment! They are simply not COMPLETELY sold yet! People buy when they are confident in their decision. Their desire (and value) for the car must outweigh their buying fears!

They are a buyer and we are a finalist!

Remember, they came to you. They are here for a reason and they are here NOW for a reason.

Want to close the deal today? Slow down, follow your process and focus on the WHY!

Good Selling!