13 Critical Skills Your Car Dealership's Managers & Sales Consultants Must Master to Win Today, And Every Day!

We'd love to give you a super powerful tool you can use with your team to help them improve their results. We call it 'The Baker's Dozen', 13 critical sales skills all salesmen must have. I'm in dealerships nearly every day and it's just amazing, dealers say, "Oh, we're doing a pretty good job, we're making money, "we're selling cars, we're hitting these goals, "we outpaced last year." These are all good things. My question is, are you maximizing your result?

The market is hot.

Are your people contributing and helping you maximize your results? Use this tool by yourself to evaluate your team from your perspective as a leader. Then, what's amazing is, when you ask your people to do some self-examination, they are truthful with themselves. They'll sit and thoughtfully go through these questions and want to get better.

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